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Which type of leather portfolio you should bring to your job interview?

Updated on July 23, 2017

Be choosy which color you’ll use

Which type of leather portfolio you should bring to your job interview?

During an interview, the color of your clothes and your portfolio i.e leather portfolios send the right message and this will determine whether you’ll get the job or not.

Be choosy which color you’ll use.

Study these colors and their significance to a job interview. Then decide which among these will benefit you most.

  1. Blue is the color that represents consistency:That’s the reason why it’s widely considered as the business color. It represents cleanliness, calmness, loyalty, stability, and confidence.When you apply for managerial positions or any positions that require a strong personality, then this is the best color.
  2. Black represents power, superiority, sophistication, vagueness, and strength: If your job interview is for the arts or fashion, then this is the best color.
  3. Green is another color that brings calmness and good luck:This is the best color for job interviews that have something to do with peoples' behaviours such as sociologists & psychologists.
  4. Red color brings a lot of energy to a person: In an interview, a person looking for a job requires a lot of activity. So red color is the best.
  5. White represents clarity, straightforwardness, purity, and humbleness: Educators & applicants for public service should have this color.
  6. Yellow symbolizes cheerfulness, happiness and optimism: People who’re aiming for jobs that usually meet opposition should have this color during their interview.
  7. Brown is the classic color choice: Carrying a brown leather portfolio to your job interview can give you assurance and self confidence.

Listed below are the rationales why you should confirm the color of what you placed on, notably the leather-based portfolio you choose in your job interview:

  1. Color creates good impression. No matter what kind of job you are applying for, your portfolio's color will definitely create different impressions to the interviewer.
  2. Color sets your mood. If you look at different colors around you, then it can affect your mood & temperament. If you see brightly colored things, then you can get happy.
  3. Your color choice creates an atmosphere. Colors that are close to nature give peace of mind.
  4. During your interview if you want to make a calm atmosphere, then you need to carry this idea of color in the leather folio you carry.
  5. Colors can manipulate your emotions. If you bring a portfolio in a bright color, it can brighten up your spirit and make you feel more positive about the job you’re applying for.


Color offers you self-assurance. Your mood depends on the color you see. Carrying one amongst your favourite colors can make you feel assured all throughout your interview.

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