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Types of Buzz Cuts

Updated on April 9, 2013

Why Choose A Buzz Cut?

People have to get haircuts often, especially men, and a common haircut that they do get is the buzz cut hairstyle. It serves many different purposes which will be explained as this article is about buzz cut hairstyles. The haircut is most usually where a man or woman can get their whole head of hair shaved off. It can or approaches the bald look.

To get this buzz look, one will go to the barber shop, and they will pull out a pair of hair clippers. There is no use of a comb guard. There are ways to make different styles out of it, and it includes shaving completely off or shaping the sides. If the whole head is completely shaved off, this whole process really only takes a few minutes.

There are many different reasons that one chooses a particular haircut, and the main reason for this is that it is low-maintenance, especially for men. They do not have to worry too much about shampooing and combing it. They also do not have to style the cut. Men in the military have to wear a cut like a buzz or something similar to it. The reason is because it helps to prevent the spread of disease when these men sleep in the same room. They may also be in unsanitary conditions, and this is one less thing to worry about.

buzz cut with faux mohawk
buzz cut with faux mohawk

Spiky On Top

Mostly men wear this do, but some women might choose to for style reasons. There are a variety of ways a person can cut the hair to help give some style to the buzz. This might include leaving some bangs at the front and spiking it with some gel.

Steven Gerrard fade cut
Steven Gerrard fade cut

Fade and Flattop Hair

The next style is the fade which leaves a small amount of hair on top. The person has no hair on the sides or back, but the tops is shaved to fade to no hair. Then, there is the flattop. It actually leaves the hair one top a little longer than the previous cuts. This, too, can be styled to stand up.

David Beckham crew cut style
David Beckham crew cut style

Crew Cut

There are other similar cuts to the buzz including the crew cut. Again, here the hair on the sides and back are shaved, but the top or the crown of the head is left with a layer of hair. This is a very popular hair cut in the military.

High and tight military buzz cut
High and tight military buzz cut

High and Tight Cut

The next similar cut is the high and tight. This is similar to the buzz and the crew cut because the back and sides are shaved, but a layer of hair, too, is on top. One should see pictures to see the difference.

The Benefits of Buzz Haircut

Men choose their haircuts for different reasons, but the buzz cut might be chosen because it is very low-maintenance. There is no hair to manage. Therefore, these cuts also should not cost very much, and it is not a time-consuming haircut. People can get variations and look at style magazines to see what a barber can do with a buzz. Military personnel are required to get buzz cuts for dress code requirements.

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