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Women Handbags Types To Accessorize Dress Outfits

Updated on December 19, 2012

Beautiful Handbags For Women

Handbags for women should be an accessory that should last longer for women. It is an excellent idea to watch ladies who love carrying vintage bags around such as Hermes bag. This is one of the beautiful handbags for women.

Some ladies might think of how to choose and spend for their accessories, the great thing is that you can spend a bit more for them, that is buying a quality one that is not so cheap, as people may see you carrying them around nearly everyday more than you wearing your clothing.

Women should get handbags that are durable and cannot easily tear apart. Your bags will go with many of your clothes such as shoes, dresses, jeans. There was a time that many ladies accessorize with Gucci handbag, they still do anyway. Any woman can have that designer look simply by carrying the bag with any designer name on it.

You can team them up with slingback shoes, a top and a ballerina skirt as long as they fit your figure shape and size. You can find any type to suit your fashion style and preference. Many women if not all women love decent bags that they can use to match a variety of occasions and clothes.

With many designs, styles, colors and shapes, women will never go wrong in choosing the right. Ladies can select from padded, colored, slouchy, framed, patent or clutch handbags for women.

Types Of Handbags For Women And Where To Shop For Them

These are some of the handbags that women can have:


There are some really big patent handbags for women that they can accessorize with their fashion outfits. Women can use an oversize type to pair with any plain clothes to look fashionable. River Island is one of the outlets that you can definitely find a lovely oversize handbag. How about Warehouse, Karen Millen and Mulberry.


Women can have some of great slouchy handbags that will look great on them. Slouchy bags do come in different styles, designs and colors, such as with clasp or metal buckles. The most favorite colors are brown, tan and black. Women can find designer handbags from Topshop, Chloe's Bay and Yves Saint Laurent's Downtown.

Clutch Handbag | Purses

If you find yourself a gorgeous evening party dresses and you are looking for ways to pair the outfit with a great evening clutch handbag, Chanel is one of the places to go to, Ted baker and Accessorize are another. You can team the purse with your favorite jeans. The style of the bag can have a great impact on the way the wearer will appear. Purses are made with different fabrics using a variety of effect that can fit many styles of evening dresses.


Padded handbags are a real classic looking bag that women really love. Classic padded bag can be seen with silver chain and has shoulder straps. Check out House of Fraser for this gorgeous designer bags. Chanel is well known for beautiful padded handbags. This kind of bags are always in fashion as they have a kind of classic style.

Brightly Colored Bags

Women can choose from Christian Louboutin, Miss Selfridge or Coast for a really fabulous brightly colored women handbags. Remember that colors such as all the neon colors will fit into the brightly colored category. The main thing about using this bag is that if you have an all black dress, you can team it with the bright color to give you that sophisticated look and appearance.

Framed Bags For Women

women can find many designer handbags that has square frames with clasps or metal buckles as well as hardware styles. To get stunning framed handbags, check out Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, Birkin bag designed by hermes and many others.


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    • bizwin profile image

      Christabel Evans 5 years ago from England, UK

      Hi Anika, welcome to HubPages. Slouchy handbags can fit any formal occasions. Look for a small slouchy handbag with any embellishment on it such as beading, rhinestones, sequins or any glittering decoration. And make sure the formal dress and shoes shade you want to pair the bag with matches. Thank you for the visit.

    • AnikaMaghe profile image

      AnikaMaghe 5 years ago

      I love women's designer handbags, especially those color blocking ones. They look gorgeous with any outfit.

      Slouchy bags are also my favorite for this fall 2012, but sometimes i found it too hard to pair with formal look, and i'm seeking for a slouchy bag which can match formal occasions, any good ideas? Thanks.