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Different Types Of Fashion Pockets On Women Dress Styles

Updated on January 19, 2013

Welt Pocket Photo


Pockets Styles

Pockets are of different styles and shapes, Some pockets are designed to be used for filling things inside, these types of pockets are referred to as functional pockets, others are made as decorative style, and some other pockets are hidden in view.

It doesn't matter what type of pocket that are on garments, what matters most is that some pockets on any apparel give the wearer either a professional or casual look.

Pockets can be designed using the same fabric as the garment or use a different color to give it a contrast look. Some pockets are with flaps, while others are top-stitched with no flap.

These are some of most common pockets you can find on some garments: patch pocket has many designs such as patch pocket with flap, patch pocket with self-flap and patch pocket with separate flap. There are also in-seam pocket, front hip pocket, kangaroo pocket, welt pocket also called slashed pocket with welt, bound slashed pocket, basic patch pocket, paper bag pocket. The lists of types of pockets goes on...

Patch Pocket Photo


In-Seam Pocket


Front Hip Pockets


Directory / Types Of Women Pockets

This is a directory or types of pockets on women garment. You can buy a ready-made clothes with pockets on them or if you have a basic knowledge on sewing you can learn how to sew pockets on clothes. The pockets styles include:

Patch Pocket with Flap

This type of pocket has a flap that hangs sown to cover the upper edge of the pocket. This pocket has no button.

Patch Pocket With Self-Flap

The self-flap patch pocket is folded down to form the flap. The flap is formed from the pocket itself. It is self facing at the top edge of the pocket.

Patch Pocket With Separate Flap

This type of patch pocket has a separate flap that is attached to the pocket opening. The pocket uses button closure.

In-Seam Pocket

This type of pocket is usually found in trousers. It hangs inside the garment. The pocket is attached to seam opening. You can also find in-seam pocket in skirts.

Back / Front Hip Pocket

This pocket starts from waistline to the side seam and only the opening can be seen because the pocket hangs inside the garment. You can find hip front or back pocket in casual skirts and trousers. Back or front hip pocket is placed low on hiplines ot it can be high when used in jeans.

Welt Pocket

This style of pocket is also known as slashed pocket with welt. It is found mostly on coats, breast pockets on men's jackets and on women coats. Welt pocket has a straight flap that stands up or faces upwards and covers the pocket opening. The pocket opening is always behind the flap.

How To Make A Welt Pocket Video


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    • profile image

      Bozi 3 years ago

      Danika - Hi Lindsey! Can I just say how nice it is to have another ygouner person doing PL who doesn't have kids?! I noticed you are struggling with photos falling out of the pockets. I have the problem too, especially when I use some of the newer designs or the page protectors from We R Memory Keepers. What I've been doing is just placing a couple dots of glue with my Martha Stewart Glue pens along the edges. Works great! Unless I have something that I know I'll want to remove later down the road- then I think your tape idea would be perfect! Thanks! February 28, 2012 6:56 pm

    • bizwin profile image

      Christabel Evans 6 years ago from England, UK

      Thank you Sinea Pies. There are so many other styles of pocket that can be found on women garment, and even men clothes. These are classified as fashion styles and techniques.

    • Sinea Pies profile image

      Sinea Pies 6 years ago from Northeastern United States

      Welt pockets. I learned something new! Thanks for the interesting information.


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