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Types Of Fastenings In Sewing Clothes - Clothing Fasteners Kinds

Updated on July 14, 2017

Clothing Fasteners - How to Make Them

The typical fastenings are buttons, loops that are designed with hand, including hooks as well as eyes, buttonholes, press studs, socket, Velcro, zips, clasps, loops over buttons in addition to ball among others. A few of these fasteners are going to be explained together with tips on how to sew these on clothing outlines.

There are actually all of these fasteners on the majority of ready-to-wear garments. You can find the fastenings on dresses, skirts, pants, jeans, blouses, jumpers, shirts and a lot more.

Learning To Make Button Openings

  • Before you decide to cut any button opening, just be sure you measure and also mark positions for buttons in particular when the buttons are flat types.
  • The openings need to be slightly longer as compared to the diameter of the flat button as well as for round buttons. The openings need to be about 11/4 for the inside measurement.
  • With the patterns, it is possible to mark the length separately that the buttons should be positioned. Mark with chalk, thread, pins or pencil.
  • The scissors that you would like to work with in cutting out the button openings needs to be sharp and make certain you steady your hand, then simply cut the button the opening with one firm slash.
  • Ensure that all the button opening has the equal length.
  • If you need to mark fabric material for buttons together with button openings, or possibly if you will be making use of hooks as well as eyes, you ought to mark the positions one by one.

How To Overcast Button Holes

  • You should overcast the button holes after cutting, you can use a fine thread, split silk for wool and normal silk to overcast the button holes.
  • For an ordinary size button holes, about three overcast stitches on each side should be fine.
  • To cut button holes on heavy fabrics that can fray easily, it is a good idea to chalk or marks the position and length of the button hole and then by using machine stitch, you can stitch a row on each side of the mark.
  • Mark the two rows to be a little more than 1/8inches apart. This makes it easy for the fabric thicknesses to hold together as you cut the button holes.


How To Sew Types Of Fasteners For Clothing

These are some of the sewing techniques you can use to sew on types of fastenings for clothes of your choice:

How To Sew On Hooks And Eyes On Clothes

  • Before you start to sew on hooks and eyes on clothes, you should mark the position for it
  • Place the eye at the seam edge, and to give a lap, place the hook on the far back from the opposite side.
  • To be able to fold over the shanks after the hooks, sufficient fabric should be allowed in order to sew on the eyes.
  • Make sure that the stitches do not show on the outside as you sew on the hooks and eyes securely.
  • Continue to stitch through the small rings over and over in the line and on each bar of the eye and hook shank, this will hold them in position.

How To Sew Button Holes Video

How To Sew On Buttons

  • If you are using normal buttons, do not sew them on clothes tightly, rather make sure that the thread is loose so that you will be able to wind it around the buttons at the end. This protects the thread that holds the buttons from wear.
  • To sew on a four-buttons or two-buttons, you should make the stitches that hold the buttons to be either parallel or crossed, but not both. Fasten the buttons with threads at the beginning and at the end of your sewing project.
  • Place the thread knot under the button and outside of the garment, so that you will be able to cut the thread off after sewing on the buttons.

How To Sew A Zip Video Tutorial

How To Sew On Zips

You can use zips as fasteners for clothes, chair covers, cushions, pillows and others. Zips are available in metal or nylon.

How To Sew A Zip At The Center

  • To sew a zip at the centre of a garment, you will have to sew a flat seam and leave a gap for the zip.
  • Press the seam open and pin on the seam line
  • On the pinned or tacked seam part, lay the wrong side of the zip side up on the fabric's wrong side.
  • Pin and tack
  • Using a zipper foot, from the right side, sew the zip into place

How To Insert Invisible Zip In A Piped Seam

  • First, open the zip and on the right side of the piped seam, lay the zip face down
  • Pin and tack pin into place
  • Using zipper foot, you can sew the zip along 1/8inches
  • Close the zip
  • Fold the seam allowance back in such a way that you can see the right side of the zip
  • Press and bring the edge of the fold over the zip to meet the piped seam
  • Tack the edge into place and sew
  • Stopping at the piping, sew across the bottom end of the zip

Velcro Fastener

Velcro is made up of two types, these are hooks and loops. When they are pressed together, they cling to each other. This is easy to sew on clothes as you can hand or machine stitch into place. They come in different weights, colours and widths.

Other types of fastening for clothes are press stud tapes and press studs.


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    • bizwin profile image

      Christabel Evans 5 years ago from England, UK

      Bobski606, you just put a smile on my face. This is what writing should do, helping people who needs solutions to certain problems. Good that you have started making your own clothes. Thanks so much for your comment.

    • Bobski606 profile image

      Bobby 5 years ago from U.K

      Very useful, just what I was looking for! I've just started to make my own clothes and had no idea how to make a button hole but now with your great instructions my clothes have buttons! Thanks :-)


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