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Types Of Lace For Women Dressmaking

Updated on July 4, 2012

Sewing Lace Fabric Lace For Women

There are many types of lace that you can use to sew dresses or other clothing. When you decide to use lace to make garments, you will need to consider the type of lace fabric that you want to use, so that you can apply the right sewing technique for the type of lace.

If you are a dressmaker, you can make your lace dress depending on the occasion. When women wear laces, it has always been related with special occasions wear. You can wear your lace dress to an evening party, as a day outfit for garden party or a special dinner invitation.

Some lace dresses are made to look more casual on women. You can get a sewing pattern that suit the kind of lace dress that you want to sew. The most casual lace clothing are women evening dresses, simple summer dress or a tunic top in lace with plain trousers.

You should have experience in sewing with lace or just use a piece of lace fabric to practice before you start lace sewing as some of the designs of lace need to match correctly.

Types Of Lace fabrics Used In Making Clothing

These are some of the lace fabrics that you can use to sew garments:

Embroidered Lace

You will find other type of lace under embroidered lace such as guipure lace. When you choose any of the embroidered lace, you will find that they are made with two edge finishes and you can use the type of lace finishes to know the type of lace yardage that you want. Embroidered lace is usually more expensive than other lace types.

Woven Laces

Woven lace is easily found in many clothing retail outlets. Woven laces do not look knitted together, instead the threads appear to be twisted into a net. Woven laces are not so expensive as the embroidered lace, but they are not cheaper either.

Re-Embroidered Ribbon Lace

Re-embroidered ribbon lace is an embroidered lace that have been re-embroidered with cord, braid or ribbon over the original embroidered designs.

Knitted And Crocheted Lace

Knitted and crocheted laces are the cheapest lace you will find in the market. Knitted lace looks simple and has an easy lace design on it. With the high demand for curtain lace which is a type of knitted and crocheted lace, this type of lace can be used to sew women dresses, even though it was originally made to be used as household curtain furnishing.

How To Make Lace Sleeves On Dresses

To make lace sleeves on women dresses, you should place the patterns on the lace fabric so that they match both sleeves. By using double stitches on the lace sleeves, you will be able to achieve a neat finish seams and the sleeve hem edges which you can bind with any dress fabric.

  • With right sides of the lace sleeves facing up, use ease stitch and make two rows over the top edge of the sleeve just at the outer part of the seam line.
  • You should pin and tack the edges of the lace sleeve seams together. You can use a zig zag stitches from the seam inside the seam allowances.
  • Trim seam allowances and press
  • Measure and cut out the bias binding for the hem edge of the sleeves
  • Fold the raw edges of the sleeves binding in half and then fold to the center fold with wrong sides together and press.
  • You can try on the sleeves to check if the length of the sleeves is what you want. Trim the sleeves to the right requirement.
  • Stitch the lace sleeves into the dress armholes
  • Use slip stitch technique to attach the bias binding to finish the lace sleeve seam.

How To Sew Women Tank Lace Dress Video Tutorial


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      Christabel Evans 4 years ago from England, UK

      I like laces that are handmade. They are unique, beautiful and attractive. Nice to have you comment.