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U-Turn Jeans For Women-Traffic Stopping Brazilian Lift Jeans On Sale

Updated on September 9, 2014

Are You Brave Enough To Wear U-Turn Jeans For Women?

If you are, you have come to the right place! As you can see, these jeans are not called U-Turn Jeans for nothing. They are one of the hottest styles of denim on the fashion market right now. These jeans are not for the shy and bashful. Only a lady with confidence can wear hot Brazilian-inspired fashions that are meant to get major attention wherever she goes.

Check Out All The Hot Styles Of U-Turn Jeans For Women On Sale

One of the best fashion benefits of the U-Turn brand is the color selection. These jeans come in some great color selections. Browse through the shades and styles I have featured below. Although the jeans on sale here are all U-Turn brand, you can find both Colombian and Brazilian styles depending upon your preferred level of fashion hotness.

Brazilian Colombian U-Turn Jeans
Brazilian Colombian U-Turn Jeans | Source

Brazilian Style Lift Jeans In Blue Denim

Everybody loves a great-fitting pair of jeans. Shopping around for a flattering pair can be a huge time-sapper. If you hate the way regular jeans make you look from behind, fanny-lifting garments may be just the right thing for you. This very subject is the reason why I gave up wearing jeans so long ago; the unflattering fit and dressing room hassles were a nightmare.

Today's Brazilian/ Colombian inspired garment manufacturers ( like the U-Turn brand) construct pants with a special seaming and curving technique that doesn't leave a girl with a "flat-back" appearance. They also hug and cup the area under the buttocks and around the thighs; a real sag-prone area with other types of pants and jeans.

The references to either Colombian or Brazilian jeans online means they are designed to make the "rear view" feature on the wearer the major priority.

Levanta Cola Jeans Are Dangerous

When was the last time you made a man wreck his motorcycle checking you out?

Okay, so the models that show off these particular types of pants are obviously "gifted" in the caboose department. What it does show is the amazing level of confidence a woman feels when she knows she looks hot in her clothes.

You don't have to have a large, curvy caboose to strut your stuff proudly, just a great-fitting pair of jeans. Finding the right pair of jeans is almost as bad as shopping for a bathing suit. It can be a huge hassle to find brands that flatter certain figure types.

Levanta Cola makes denim that not only works for the curvy girl, but adds curves to the ladies who wish they had more back there. Levanta Cola sounds like an exotic soda flavor, but means lift tail in Spanish.

The video below is an amazing reminder of the power of femininity when combined with confidence and attitude. The male reactions are priceless.

Can Your Denim Do This? Levanta Cola Jeans

U-Turn Jeans style 1119 Hot Purple
U-Turn Jeans style 1119 Hot Purple | Source

U-Turn Jeans For Women In Hot Colors

Why are clothes for women in Brazil and Colombia so racy and va-va-va-boom? The hot tropical weather, the passionate culture and beauty of the landscape make anything Latin American spicy and exciting! I think passion for living and a celebration of the attraction between men and women is huge in Latin American countries.

Flirting, showing off physical beauty and being seen as hot by the opposite gender is part of the vibrant social culture both on the beaches and in the nightclubs of Brazil and Colombia.However, you don't have to be a Latina ( or rich) to look amazing in these jeans. U-Turns come in a wide range of prices from affordable legging-styles to highly embellished designer looks.

Are U-Turns suitable for women past a certain age? That depends. In some cultures, you are a washout after the age of 40 and shouldn't be trying to look "hot".. In other countries, women are seen as desirable and are flirted with no matter how old they are. It really depends on the woman and how hip and trendy ( and brave) she is about fashion. Of course, having a great body never hurts!

U-Turn Jeans style 113 Black
U-Turn Jeans style 113 Black | Source

Black U-Turn Jeans For Women

Just like the little black dress is a great wardrobe staple for any woman to have in her closet, black jeans can work the same way. Black pants go with a lot of different tops. Many women love wearing black jeans because they make you look slimmer.

One interesting thing to note about U-Turn jeans is the fact that many of the styles are technically not a jean in the denim-material sort of way. They are made using figure-enhancing fabrics that stretch and hug your curves better than stiff denim does.

They look and function like jeans, but the material is superior for a body-hugging fit. The pocket details just add more exciting emphasis to the rear view of these jeans. They are not for the lady who wants to blend into the woodwork at social gatherings, that's for sure.

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The author cannot be held responsible for any traffic jams or accidents that may occur when men start making u-turns to check you out. Hopefully you live in a safe neighborhood!

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    • chas65 profile image

      chas65 4 years ago

      I can't imagine why I like this lens.

    • diegocomercio profile image

      diegocomercio 4 years ago

      Nice lens. I was born in Colombia and live in Venezuela and I can certify all what you are saying about latin women, the passion, culture and of course our tropical weather which all make a great combination for latin women beauty and the desire of showing it on the way they dress.