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Umbrella Jewelry & Other Umbrella Gifts

Updated on September 16, 2014

Umbrella Jewelry & Other Umbrella Gifts

Umbrellas are a quite practical invention. They protect you from the rain or keep you shaded from the sun. Umbrellas are also pretty to use for decorations such as decorating with white or pastel parasols for an outdoor wedding or hanging paper lanterns and placing paper umbrellas for an Asian themed garden party.

Below, I have selected a few items of umbrella themed jewelry as well as a couple of umbrella themed posters. There are also two different styles of dainty parasols. I hope you enjoy seeing just a few of the ways that an umbrella can be used for decor and to accessorize.

Umbrella Jewelry

Woman with Umbrella Turned Towards the Left, 1886 - Claude Monet


You may buy this umbrella poster from

Sterling Silver Umbrella Pendants

Not all sterling silver umbrella pendants are alike. Below are just two of the many styles. The first is "jeweled" in many colors and comes with an 18" roped silver chain while the second selection is an all silver pendant that does not come with a chain

Sterling Silver Umbrella Pendant - Does not come with chain

White Gold Umbrella Charm with Chair - Evokes Memories of Lazy Day By the Beach

This is truly a charming charm

Do You Use an Umbrella?

Do You Use an Umbrella When It Rains?

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Umbrella Themed Posters and Gifts

Rear View of a Girl Standing in an Arch with a Red Umbrella


You may purchase this poster from

Pretty Parasols

Use this pretty parasol to protect you from the sun or just for showing your feminine side. Though it is displayed in beige, there is a choice of other lovely pastel colors available.

Thanks for Looking at This Little Shop of Umbrella Goodies

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    • RetroMom profile image

      RetroMom 4 years ago

      Those are beautiful umbrella stuff! Great gift ideas for any occasion.

    • profile image

      JoshK47 5 years ago

      Getting ready for April Showers, eh? Wonderful stuff! Thanks for sharing!

    • estellaeffects lm profile image

      estellaeffects lm 5 years ago

      Nice Jewellery - Though I wouldnt wear these myself. My daughter would love them.