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Umbrellas for Boys

Updated on September 15, 2013

There are lots of umbrellas for boys with pictures and features they will love including umbrellas featuring dinosaurs and trains!

Boys will enjoy being playing with and carrying around their own umbrella. It makes going out in the rain extra fun.

There are lots of great designs of umbrellas for boys including blue umbrellas, cars umbrellas, novelty umbrellas and very trendy umbrellas.

My own sons like playing with their umbrellas in the house too. They enjoy twirling them around and pretend play. I know opening umbrellas inside the house is meant to be unlucky - but fingers crossed we are okay so far.

This article gives lots of suggestions of funky umbrellas for boys.

Check them out below.

Factors To Consider When Buying An Umbrella for Your Child

There are some things you should consider when buying an umbrella for a boy.

Safety - There should be safety covers / guards on the end of the spokes of the umbrella to stop them injuring themselves with the umbrella ends.

Ease of use - Is it easy to open and close. If buying online you can check reviews for information.

Handle - Is the handle designed so it's easy for your child to hold.

Colors - You could consider choosing bright colors so you can spot your child if they run ahead.

Size - Is it the right size for your child. Is it easy for them to hold and carry.

Umbrella Frame - The umbrella frame can be made out of tempered steel, aluminium or fiberglass. Tempered steel is often heavy for a child. Aluminium is more lightweight but can bend easily. Fiberglass frames are often a good choice because they are lightweight but strong.

Umbrella Fabric - Most umbrellas are made out of polyester, nylon or cotton. If the umbrella is coated in teflon this is good as this means they tend to dry out quickly.

Umbrellas with Boys' Favorite Characters

Check out these umbrellas for boys with their favorite characters from movies and TV.

Thomas the train is great for younger boys whereas older boys may like superheros such as Spiderman.

Spiderman Umbrella - Spider Man Umbrella
Spiderman Umbrella - Spider Man Umbrella

My son loves spiderman (and all other superheros!) so this would be a good choice for him!It's made of nylon and easy to open and close. It features a 3D plastic handle that kids will love.

New Angry Birds Kids Umbrella
New Angry Birds Kids Umbrella

My little boy is also a big angry birds fan so would appreciate an angry birds themed umbrella too. This umbrella has a 3D angry birds handleIt's made of 100% polyester

Disney Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear Kids Umbrella with Molded Handle
Disney Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear Kids Umbrella with Molded Handle

Another themed umbrella with a Buzzlightyear handle. It's made of 100% polyester so the rain rolls right off

Thomas & Friends Boy's Blue Umbrella with 3d Handle
Thomas & Friends Boy's Blue Umbrella with 3d Handle

Made of 100% polyesterHas a Thomas handleThe size is approx 20" L (closed) and 26.5" diameter (open)It's great for Thomas fans too.


Blue Umbrella

I really like this blue umbrella for boys. It looks stylish and is perfect for a 1st boys umbrella.

Stephen Joseph Little Boys' Sports Rain Umbrella, Royal Blue, One Size
Stephen Joseph Little Boys' Sports Rain Umbrella, Royal Blue, One Size

NylonChild-friendly mechanismUnique designsWipe clean or hand wash, hang dry


Novelty and Character Umbrellas For Boys

Probably one of the most important features when choosing an umbrella for boys that hasn't been mentioned yet is design.

There are tons cute character and novelty umbrellas that boys will love.

More Cool Umbrellas for Boys - Hatley

I love the cute designs of these umbrellas by Hatley. Hatley is a family owned company that's being going for 20 years and they specialize in making products for kids such as umbrellas with bright and colorful designs.

The umbrella fabric is 100% nylon with a child safe design. They feature a wooden handlebar which is shaped so its easy to hold.

Taking Care of Your Child's Umbrella

We all know what children can be like. They don't always take the best care of things. So here are some tips to make sure they last as long as possible.

Before opening it shake it gently to open the folds

Try not to let kids use the umbrella as a walking stick, sword or light saber!

Dry umbrellas thoroughly before closing them.

Make sure you fold the umbrella correctly when you have finished using it - this will help maintain its correct shape.

Keep umbrellas out of strong wind as much as possible.

Heat is not good for umbrellas so don't put it next to a radiator or leave it in a hot car. Likewise dry umbrellas in the shade rather than in bright sunlight.

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    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I'm glad to see that there are umbrellas for boys that are every bit as cute as the ones for the girls and that the boys get my favorite froggy umbrella too!