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Engagement Ring Inspiration: Five Diamond Engagement Rings Under $1000

Updated on October 25, 2014
Three-stone Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring
Three-stone Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring | Source

A Three-Stone Vintage Ring

Absolutely gorgeous three-stone ring from the 1960s. The diamonds are set in 14k gold, but is it just me, or is there a bit of a rose quality to it? I think that's what what makes it so distinctive. Everyone will ask you if this is a family heirloom.

Multiple small diamonds are a good way to get a lot of sparkle for less than you'd pay for one big diamond.

Two-Tone Diamond Engagement Ring
Two-Tone Diamond Engagement Ring | Source

A Detailed Setting

A gorgeous setting like this one adds to the bulk of a small diamond to make it look weightier. Plus, the architectural details make it distinctive in a way diamond solitaires aren't always. Another great idea from this ring? Two-toned metal, which is not only very fashionable right now, but also cheaper than an all-platinum band.

Raw Diamond Engagement Ring
Raw Diamond Engagement Ring | Source

Raw Diamond Ring

If you want a one-of-a-kind look, a real diamond, and a sensible price point, a raw diamond might be the right choice for you. I feel like fantasy novel-lovers would go crazy for this.

Raw or rough diamonds are also a great choice for buying a non-engagement ring for yourself or someone else, because they don't scream wedding like your typical sparkly princess-cut. Plus, since your diamond is exactly how nature made it, you know that no one else's will ever look quite the same.

Black Diamond Engagement Ring
Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Consider a Black Diamond

Big knew that Carrie Bradshaw wasn't a traditional kind of girl, so he got her a black diamond ring. Black diamonds are unique, sultry, and very on-trend. Perfect for a fashionista, or to top off a gothic-themed ceremony. And because black diamonds aren't as popular, you pay for less for them than for their colorless counterparts.

Antique Diamond Engagement Ring
Antique Diamond Engagement Ring | Source

Expensive-Looking Detail

Some qualities just exude richness, even if you didn't have to pay through the nose for them. Art deco is synonymous with luxury, and you'd never guess that a ring like the one above cost less than a thousand dollars. If you focus not on the size of the diamond itself but on how the details of the band and setting enhance the diamond, you can spend less on and get a more distinctive, beautiful ring to boot.

How to Pick an Engagement Ring

Avoid Scams When Shopping for Engagement Rings


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