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Elegant updo hairstyles for women - which styles flatter you and your face shape?

Updated on January 7, 2012

Updo hairstyles are appropriate hairstyles for formal, semi formal and causal events. Many people choose up-do hairstyles for their prom dates, wedding events and other formal occasions. Up do hairstyles have lots of variety and can flatter all women when the right one is selected. This hub gives you a list of classic and pretty up-do hairstyles for women. Hope you enjoy the pictures and description.

A very feminine updo hairstyle with a white flower on the side – This is a gorgeous hairstyle for women in their twenty's and thirty's. This flirty and feminine hairstyle will catch the eyes of the opposite sex. Due to the flower on the side, it is a youthful style that is not appropriate for older ladies. The flower you choose to use depends on your personal taste. I think white real flowers are the best because it is pretty, elegant and simple.

A classic simple updo hairstyle – A clean simple updo hairstyle is very traditional and fitting for women of all ages. You can dress up this hairstyle by using a pretty hair pin or hair band. Whichever hair accessories that you choose to use really depends on your age, taste and events that you are going for. This simple updo hairstyle tends to flatter most face shapes. However, those that have big faces should stay away.

Good for oblong, round, square and oval faces.
Good for oblong, round, square and oval faces.
Good for oblong and oval faces.
Good for oblong and oval faces.
Good for oblong, round, square and oval faces.
Good for oblong, round, square and oval faces.

Updo hairstyle with bangs – This is a cute twist on the traditional classic updo hairstyle. This is suitable for many women particularly those that are young. Those that have oblong face shape should give this hairstyle a try because it visually shortens the face to give it a more balanced look.

Causal updo with bangs – This hairstyle is not as formal as a traditional updo hairstyle. The hair is somewhat loose on the head. This causal up do is great for many occasions and can even be worn on a daily basis. This hairstyle is flattering for women of all ages.

Trendy updo with height – This great updo hairstyle on Jessica Alba is very trendy and elegant. This hairstyle is great for most face shapes (not for oblong face shapes because it tends to elongate the face even more). Women of all different ages can sport this updo hairstyle with confidence. Because it tends to look formal, it is better reserved for a formal dinner and other occasions.

Updo with wavy hair down the side of the face – This hairstyle is worn by the pop princess, Taylor Swift. This up-do hairstyle with two strands of wavy hair down the side of your face is especially flattering for a young woman. Women with round faces should go for this style in place of a more traditional up-do hairstyle mentioned above. It tends to give the illusion of a more slender face shape.


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      Jo 6 years ago

      what about help for us older women? We like to look good too you know!