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Women's Hairstyles: Wedding Updos

Updated on July 22, 2010
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Floral Updos

Having a Spring-time wedding? Maybe getting married outdoors or in a garden? If so, I've got your hairstyle solution.

Although white and ivory florals are nice, this is your opportunity to play with color. Use purple irises, lavender sprigs, or maybe even pink lilies, whatever flowers match your wedding theme and colors.

There are lots of ways to implement flowers into your updo, including silk floral clips and headbands, like those shown here.

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Half Updos

If you're looking for a more natural looking hairstyle, the "half updo" style maybe one that appeals to you.

With the recent trend to wear your wedding hair style down in natural curls or waves, you can add a touch of elegance by pinning part of your hair up and adding a few well-chosen accessories.

Half updos are also a nice option for more conservative brides who would rather not want as much skin exposed.

Soft, romantic, and sweet, these half up, half down looks are the perfect way to have the best of both worlds.

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Tiara Updos

You'll look like bridal royalty when you don one of these gorgeous crystal headpieces!

Whether you wear your hair up, down, or half up half down, a tiara makes you look and feel like you're right out of a fairy tale.

Tiaras come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from thin headband and clip styles to elaborate, 2" tall masterpieces fit for a princess.

Many brides choose to wear tiaras because they help to frame the face and keep hair out of it, a must for any Wedding Day photo ops.

Even if you don't intend on wearing a tiara for you wedding day, you should still amuse yourself by trying one on. You might be surprised...

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Curly Updos

Curlicues, spirals, barrel curls, or ringlets, choosing the right curly updo for your big day can get confusing. So here's some helpful advice.

Despite what you may believe, curly styles work great for any length hair. Large, barrel curls are ideal for women with long hair, while smaller, tighter curls are better for those with shorter lengths.

As you can see here, curly styles are also easily worn with hair accessories like tiaras, flowers, and veils.

Loose curls paired with ringlets is a perfect look for casual weddings, beach-themed weddings, or romantic sunset weddings.

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Sleek Updos

If curls are your style, maybe you'd be more interested in a sleeker style. These looks feature tight buns, bumps, and bobs.

Sleek updos are perfect for brides who like a modern twist to the traditional updo.

What kind of dress are you wearing on your wedding day? Sleek looks great with any wedding gown, whether it's an A-line, Mermaid, or Ball-gown.

And don't worry about getting any stray hairs in your wedding pictures, because these pulled-back hairstyles will keep your hair perfectly in place until you take it out!


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