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Updos for Long Hair

Updated on June 11, 2014

Fourteen Great Hairstyles for Longer Hair

I love having my hair long. There are so many fun styles and impressive-looking updos I can put it in! Here I will show you my favorite ones along with any tools you'll need to create them. Most are very simple! A few take some practice.

Read on for not just instructions on updos, but also tips about how to protect your hair so it can grow long.

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Princess Braided Updo

I have not tried this style yet! I'm looking forward to doing it soon because it looks really romantic and beautiful.

Picture is from which is the blog of the girl who created this style. Lots more tutorials there!

Bobby Pins

When using bobby pins, it's important to select some that will not damage your hair when you take them out. Standard bobby pins are very rough on hair. You might think they have to be in order to hold, but it's not true. Here are some options. Also you can order pins called "Amish pins" and that's the kind that I use.

The Good Hair Days Magic-grip pins are recommended for not pulling on your hair and damaging it.

Soft n Style's also look good for not breaking hair.


Interlaced Braids

This is a new one for me. I love how intricate it looks! Pay no attention to how scraggly my hair looks! I am not great at making dutch braids. Need some practice.


When growing your hair long, it's good to avoid damage so the strands don't break off prematurely. Using a wide-toothed comb very gently to get out tangles is highly recommended. Try not to brush or comb hair when wet, but if you must, a wide-toothed comb is the way to go.

For general brushing, a natural boar bristle brush helps to distribute healthy oils from your scalp down the length of your hair.

You can also supplement that oil with a few drops of herbed hair oil, which many believe helps to keep hair strong.


Amish Style

This style takes a lot of braiding, but is beautiful and solid.

After splitting your hair into two halves, you do a small braid on one side (with a third of the hair from that side), then use that braid as one of the three strands on a second braid on that side, then use THAT thicker braid as a strand for a third braid on that side. Repeat on the other side, then pull the two braids across the back and thread them through the gap near the top of your head and secure them in the middle.

Video instruction

Unfortunately this video is a little difficult to see what she's doing.


Rose Bun

You need to be able to make a two-strand rope braid. This style is so simple! You just wrap a rope braid into a bun. You can also do two rope braids and wrap one into a bun one way, then wrap the other around it in the other direction

Photo from

Two Strand Rope Braid - from Bebexo


Hair Sticks

This one is a great chance to use your prettiest hair stick


Braided Beehive

I love how complicated this one looks. It's very easy, but lots of braiding. You basically are making several braids, maybe three, and wrapping them around each other in widening circles.

Tutorial from Habioku


All you need for this one are elastics and pins. For some styles you can also try small clips instead of pins.


Princess Leia Rebel Assault

This style is to imitate one of Princess Leia's lovely updos in Star Wars. My picture doesn't do justice to it! It has two braids over the top of the head and a braided bun at the neck.

The woman whose tutorial I used seems to have removed all her YouTube videos!


Split Bun

This is a really unique looking bun and it appears much more complicated than it really is.

Tutorial from aecula

She shows lots of different types of hair sticks and forks you could use with this style

Hair Forks

You need a hair stick or fork for this one and maybe a few pins.


Heidi Braids

This is one of the styles that I wear almost every day. It's just two pigtail braids, wrapped over the top of your head. I like to wrap across the back first and then over the head, which avoids the puffy sides that can happen if you just pull the braid up on the same side of the head it originated at.

However, classic heidi braids are exactly that, pulled up on the same side of the head as the braid and very puffy.

You can originate the braids down near the nape of the neck, as I do, or up higher as in the video (better for shorter hair)

Also called Milk Maid Braids

Tutorial from thehautepursuit

Hair Dye

Hair dye can be so damaging to your hair, so what do you do if you want to grow long, strong hair that isn't white? I dye my hair with henna powder, a traditional method from India.

It takes a long time and can be messy, but I find it very worth the results. I use just henna, which gives hair a gorgeous red color, but you can also use a follow-up of indigo powder to make black.

What you do is:

Mix a little henna powder with some warm water until it is a sticky paste. Add a little bit of lemon juice and some hair conditioner (the conditioner is optional, but it helps keep it from drying out hair too much). Let the mixture sit for at least four hours. It will smell very earthy!

Put it on dry hair (use gloves, this will stain your hands, it is the same thing henna tatoos/mendhi are made of). Cover with a shower cap and leave on hair for several hours (I usually sleep in it).

Rinse out in the shower.



This is an amazing-looking style that is nothing more than twisting strands of hair into concentric buns. You can also do this with braids or rope braids.

Tutorial from CinnamonCurls


You will need a LOT of pins for this one



This is a quick, easy, classic long hair style. It gets its name from looking a little like a seashell. It's almost like making a knot with your hair. It takes a little practice to get your hands moving correctly.

Image from

Tutorial from 4ypn0tica

Hair Slides

The device in the photograph is a hair slide called a Flexi-8 . You can try other hair slides as well. They're a fun way to dress up styles. Here are a few fun and beautiful hair decorative tools.


Crown Braid

This takes some practice to get the hang of, but it's very cool and classic. There are a few variations too, like that worn by Ms. Tymoshenko

Tutorial from torrinpaige - This is a long one, split into two halves

Part Two

A variation from Caralain13

This is based on the hairstyle often worn by Yulia Tymoshenko, a Ukrainian politician

Yulia Tymoshenko

Yulia Tymoshenko
Yulia Tymoshenko


Heat is very damaging to hair, so I never use heat to style my hair. The best way to get curls if you're not using a curling iron or heated curlers is with some variation of rag curls.

I like these ones. They are soft, you can sleep in them. I wet my hair just a little bit and wrap them up before bed. Remember that you'll need several packs, to be able to get all your hair curled!

To get them to hold, rather than use spray, I use a little bit of aloe vera gel.


The Figure Eight

This is a good, solid bun and the way it is created is quite different from how I expected it would be! You can also do this one going vertically, calling it an infinity bun.

Tutorial from torrinpaige


Braided Bun with Fork

This one is so easy and cool looking, it's a great way to show off a gorgeous hair fork.

Tutorial from zilvervisje


Braided Chinese Bun

This is definitely my favorite style. It is easy, beautiful, and looks more complicated than it is. All my favorite things! It's also easy to do variations of it. You can do this with your hair not braided, but just twisted. You can do it with rope braids. It always looks amazing.

Tutorial from PrarieSunrise


More beautiful hair sticks


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      Love this will definately try some of these out

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      great lens,really cool hairstyles:)))

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      What beautiful styles - thanks for sharing! :)

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      These are really cool hairstyles! I will try the Braided Chinese Bun today (my hair has grown out a lot since the picture in my profile!)

      Thanks so much for sharing these- I have always seen people with beautiful hair styles like these but have never been able to do anything like it.