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Top Upper Arm Bracelet Picks

Updated on June 28, 2013

Prettiest Upper Arm Cuff Bracelet Designs

Do you need a stunning upper arm bracelet or a fancy bracelet for your arm? Using an arm bracelet is a stunning way to show off and adorn your arm with an elegant piece of jewelry.

They are available in tons of designs and styles and you can basically match one to any gorgeous dress in your wardrobe. Take a look at the top picks.

Swirly Design Arm Bracelets I Love - A simple swirl..

See More of the Pretty Designs

The Snake - Sexy in silver..

This slithery snake will look sexy on your upper arm and is sure to catch some enchanted glances your way. Wear it with a black fitted cocktail dress or an off the shoulder Grecian gown for an eye popping wow effect.

More Arm Jewelry to Dazzle

I really love the way arm bracelets look! This is just a simple braided, gold cuff. Pair yours with a plain tank to spruce your outfit up or you can also pair it with a fabulous dress for a fancy evening out. Have some fun with it.

Gold Plated Spiral - So pretty and elegant..

Here is a beautiful gold plated bracelet that will look stunning on your arm if you love gold tones against your skin.

Combine this with anything that shows your shoulders and arms for an elegant goddess look.

Swirly, Silver Design - Gorgeous pick!

This is a beautiful piece to add to your collection when you need some arm candy. I can see this being worn with a gorgeous Grecian style dress! What do you think about it?

Gorgeous Indian Design

View this Lovely Piece

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    • profile image

      Rebecca 3 years ago

      Love the look, but don't they bother you when you bend your arm?