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V for Vendetta Masks and Costumes

Updated on October 28, 2011

Be the hero from one of the most impressive socially stimulating movies V for Vendetta, with the V for Vendetta mask or costume!

V For Vendetta might not have been a huge blockbuster, but the social commentary combined with the heroic role of 'V' created one of the most recognisable iconic characters of all time.

With a V for Vendetta mask or V for Vendetta costume you can bring this liguistic master to life for Halloween parties, or even just fancy dress!

If you want to keep things cheap you may already have some items you could use for a V for Vendetta costume. A black cape, wide brimmed hat and tight dark trousers can form the basis for a great 'V' get up!

If you are still figuiring out what you want to do for Halloween, check out some other scary Halloween masks!

V ForVendetta Masks

The V for Vendetta mask is very well known, and there are dozens of replicas out there, which means you do get quite a nice selection to choose from. While all the masks look similar, some are cheap white plastic, and others have the slightly more antique look that stays true to the film.

While a cheap plastic mask may be fine for some, the higher quality masks do look much better!

V For Vendetta  Mask
V For Vendetta Mask

V for Vendetta Costumes

If you don't have time to create a costume of find all the parts yourself, you can buy a full V For Vendetta costume, complete with cape, hat, mask and knife belt.

V for Vendetta costume kits come for adults and children alike, so make sure you get the right size. You should also be careful to keep a close eye on the quality of teh kit you are buying, since some of the cheaper ones do look a little shabby!

Do make sure you check all the items on the V for Vendetta costume kit list when you are buying from eBay too, some do not come with the knife belt or knives that were a signature part of the V for Vendetta costume.


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