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8 Awesome but Cheap Vans Shoes

Updated on July 16, 2014

Pick up a pair of incredible Skater Quality Shoes at an Affordable Price

Short list of the most awesome and cheap Vans shoes available. Having been developed by a Californian company they are very relaxed and comfy shoes.

Vans shoes have been favored by the skater, surfer and BMX crowd since the 70's. In the first part of this century the company has been going strong, with more and more people discovering how comfortable they are, how easy to put on, how long the soles last and how cool they look. See if you can pick up a pair for yourself at an affordable price.

#8. Cheap Checkerboard Vans

This is an authentic pair of vans sneakers with their recognizable and cool checkerboard pattern. They come at an amazing price and will carry you through a year of paychecks or longer if you are lucky, while looking pretty slick. Great value buy.

#7. Authentic Cheap Vans Shoes

Unisex pair of big checkerboard Vans. The heel is about an inch thick. Like skater shoes should, they have a pretty solid layer of rubber underneath. The soles give some grip like you are used to from Vans shoes and the shoes are pretty much dirt cheap. Can't really go wrong with a pair of these.

#6. Vans Cheap Shoes Chukkas

Half high Chukka boots are actually pretty cool. I guess they were not a huge hit, because they are available at pretty low prices right now. If you think they are cool, this is a good spot to take advantage of a shoe that didn't become a massive mainstream hit. Great for skateboarding or just every day use.

#5. Lo Pro Cheap Vans Shoe

The Lo-pro is a favorite of mine. Such an elegant simple shoe that is cool in an understated way. You can upgrade it or change its looks by getting different kinds of laces. It's available in different colors as well, but prices may vary a little by color and size. See if you can steal a great deal on Amazon.

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#4. Cheap Vans Slip-ons

A classic pair of Vans slip-ons. One of the all time bestselling shoes of the California skater brand. For good reason: They are comfortable, supereasy to slip into and they have tough soles for skating and or walking. The traditional waffle sole is great for grip.

#3. Vans ERA skate shoes

Though the canvas upper part of the shoes is not the best in bad weather conditions. This pair of Vans skate shoes comes at a good price. The soles are very tough and have great grip with the traditional waffle soles. Great shoes if you live in California or other great weather states for year round use. If you live in the North they are great shoes from spring to fall but winter.. not so much.

#2. Vans Loafers

Sweet Vans loafers. They are cool looking and at the same time mock the traditional loafer in a subtle way. The upper part is actually made out of leather, which, in combination with the design, makes them a little dressier compared to the traditional skaterwear by the California company.

The design is pretty off the wall and that might be the reason they were not the hot sellers you wuold expect. They can be found at interesting prices now. Take advantage and pick up a pair of these.

#1. Vans ~Dress shoes

Cool unisex pair of skateboarding shoes. It has the very tough thick soles with a grid pattern on the bottom. The upper part is made out of canvas and has a nice color to it.

Great shoes for casual wear and if your workplace is pretty casual you can wear them there as well. They are definitely a little more dressy then the Lo Pro or Slip-on Vans models. As far as cheap vans shoes go, they don't come much better then this.



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