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Vans Shoes

Updated on March 16, 2014

Vans Shoes

Vans Shoes is another of my shopping style lenses that highlights the very high standard of workmanship that goes into the popular Van Shoes and the full van Shoes Collection.

Vans Shoes are extremely good value as well as top quality footwear that you will be totally happy with wearing. The range is huge and there are always more designs and styles be8ing added all the time. So this lens will be highlighting some of the range of Van Shoes and what they can do for your feet!

Van Shoes Blog

28th Jan 2008

Vans shoes are the height of fashion wear for feet and this is where you're going to see some of the range that's available.

In the meantime, there are a couple of associated sites that are worthy of a mention here. One of them is a great Vans Shoes blog which can be found here at Vans Shoes, which is an entertaining read as the author has a quirky style that lends itself to a slightly rebellious yet lovable character. He talks about Vans shoes in a way that'll make you want to own a pair for yourself, which is always comforting to know. It is gaining in popularity for its sheer entertainment value rather than being a simple sales page for the footwear itself.

Another is a useful little blog that features some amusing and entertaining tongue-in-cheek articles about not just Vans shoes on eBay but also about wearing the cool sneakers out and about and showing them off to your friends.


I'm now moving into other areas which will open up more outlets for my ownpromotional sites, so things are starting to get interesting. I'll post more links here as I build the new sites to promote the Vans Shoes label!

Uncover The Coolest Vans Shoes Deals on Amazon

Van's Authentic Skate Shoes - Black Size 9.5 Mens, 11 Womens
Van's Authentic Skate Shoes - Black Size 9.5 Mens, 11 Womens

They're authentic, they're cool and they're Vans. What more do you want to know? Treat yourself for once. Click this link and BUY THEM!

Vans Men's Secant, Black/Lime , 6.5
Vans Men's Secant, Black/Lime , 6.5

These are incredibly cool shoes for people who like comfort combined with a great looking pair of feet covers.


Get on your skateboard with these shoes and you'll feel like your the king of the krowd!


Vans Shoes on eBay

Vans Shoes on eBay is a great resource for buying your favourite footwear! If you want to have a look at what they've got on offer, but cannot be bothered with all the hassle of searching for them through eBays huge website, then how a bout a direct link straight to a display window of only this brand and nothing else?

Just follow that link to the shopping website page and you can see the full list of Vans shoes for sale right now in real time on eBay for yourself with just one little click. On top of that, the site also gives you a brief history of the company that makes them, so there's some worthwhile information to be picked up there as well!


Van Shoes Collection

The Van Shoes Collection is huge and expanding all the time with new ranges and styles being added regularly. Its never easy keeping up with the latest trends, but you have to keep your eye firmly on what's appearing in the shops and online to stay firmly in the know!

One of the more popular ranges at the moment is the Rise Against Vans Shoes range. This includes some vegan models in great styles and all sorts of cool colours and designs. These Rise Against Shoes are an extremely well made range of shoes that are perfect for those people who have turned their backs on the use of all animal products in food, clothing and footwear, so they are well worth scoping out.

Next up there are some great Vans Shoes in the following categories that are perfect for wearing when the occasion suits. Vans Slip Ons are made for comfort and style. You can't go far wrong with a pair of these super comfortable shoes for lounging around in and chilling out! Then for the active minded amongst you, there are the definitive skateboard shoes for buzzing about in the skate park with your friends where you can show off your great Vans shoes from that particular collection!

Van Shoes Limited Edition Range

Here's a selection from the Limited Edition range from Vans Shoes. I can't go showing too many of these in case it upsets the owners of the official Vans Shoes website - why it should do that I don't know, as any free advertising is always welcomed by any business!

Classic Slip-on in Leather

Classic Slip-on 58

Classic Slip-on Toddler Limited Edition

Iron Maiden Slip-on

Iron Maiden Sk8-Hi

Sk8-Hi in Leather

That's just a taster of what's available in this range. It's far from the whole range but it at least shows you (with pictures) what you can expect from Vans Shoes!

The post about Vans Classic Shoes in the following blog is now well and truly written, and I was waiting for it to show up on Google's index pages for the terms Vans Classic Shoes and Classic Vans Shoes. Well, now it has and there are visits coming from that source now, which is brilliant!

I'm sure the earlier problem has resolved itself in and you'll be able to go find it in the big G's pages once more and read its irreverent ramblings about the great Vans Shoes!

Update: It seems this blog has now been allowed back in the index, although its not doing very well, languishing down around page 8 or 9. Methinks it will need some links from elsewhere to get it ranking higher, especially as a lot of the site that outrank it are terrible MFA sites. I thought Google was supposed to be cracking down on crappy, spam sites like that!

Of course, there are many outlets for Van Shoes online and PacSun are one of them. You'll find several popular styles of Van Shoes on their website at really great prices, so if you're interested to see just what they've got on offer at the moment, why not click the picture and have a browse for yourself?

You'll certainly find some great stuff at PacSun's website!

Van Shoes YouTube Video

Here is the Van Shoes BMX commercial for you to enjoy all over again!

Amazon Disclosure

The author of this lens is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Search Amazon for Vans Shoes - Great Skate Sneakers Amazon!

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      EtniesShoesUK 6 years ago

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      xumbrella 7 years ago

      Vans snowboard boots

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      xumbrella 7 years ago

      Vans also make Vans snowboard boots!