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Veet Hair Removal Gel Supreme Essence product review

Updated on April 22, 2011

I was thinking of doing Veet vs Sally Hensen, but it would not even be a competition. Heck, Veet vs Nair wouldn’t even be fair. By now you probably figured out I don’t like Veet Supreme Essence hair remover gel at all.

I picked it up at k-mart thinking I would just try it out and see how it compares to the others I have tried. I was hoping it would have been better than Nair. After bringing it home I tried it that night. After opening the lid, I knew it was sitting on the shelves for a long while. It is pretty disgusting to see some of the gel/cream up in the lid that turned a yellowish color.

I had two choices, well actually three. One, I could throw it away right there and then. Two, I could take it back to the store. Three, I could see how far down the yellowish stuff goes. I chose three. I bought it to try, and I knew I wasn’t getting back to K-mart any time soon. I squeezed the tube, and found the turned gel was only at the top. After throwing that out, the rest looked fine.

I’m thinking the turning color has something to do with being exposed to air, and not sitting safely in the tube. I don’t know if it was just this one tube, or if the gel just does that when in open air for a long time. If it is a reaction to the air, it would have been nice if Veet put a sealer on the tube, so that people would have to take the sealer off before using.

I bought it to try, and I’m not going to buy another tube of this stuff. The rest seems to be fine. I was thinking a good long while before starting this venture after seeing the nasty stuff. I know the instructions say the maximum is six minutes, and the minimum is three minutes. I'm ready to take it all off immediately if something doesn’t feel right.

I squeeze some of what they call a gel into my hand. It feels more like the Nair cream than a gel. Getting past that, I apply it to my legs. It turned out to be messy. By the time I was done spreading the Veet gel over my legs, it wall all over my hands. My hands started to react to the gel. It was weird like a slight tingling sensation. Thankfully my legs weren’t feeling that sensation. I looked at the time, and washed my hands off really quick.

When three minutes were up I tried a spot on my legs, which were still feeling fine. It needed more time. I waited the full six minutes, and took it off with a wet wash cloth. My legs never did feel the sensation my hands were feeling. If not done in a tub where you have water to rinse the wash cloth off you will need a wet towel. After getting the gunk off, there were small patches of hair left here and there on my legs. Maybe it would have worked as well as Nair, if it could have been left on for 10 minutes.

I shaved the rest of the hair off my legs. No, I will not be buying this particular product from Veet again. The whole point is not to have to shave at all. I may try a different Veet product in the future. I’m not sure right now.


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