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Vegetarian footwear for women

Updated on November 18, 2015

Vegetarian shoes for her.

It took a while, but finally there is a variety of veggie footwear for sale online. Of course it's a great sport to go out on a vegetarian shoes hunt on local markets... But it's also fun to go for some vegetarian shoes shopping online.

Living in Spain, the word vegetarian is still alien. It's a word almost spoken like a curse. A lot of people in Spain still think that a salad with some tuna in it is vegetarian. Let alone that being a vegetarian or vegan means that you do not wear leather. Vegetarian footwear is a fashion that has barely reached the shelves of the stores in Spain. Sad, because there are a lot of beautiful non leather shoes out there.

Iron Fist Tiki Toes Platform Shoes

olsenHaus Women's Paris Pump

Vegetarian shoes - designer shoes for vegans

OlsenHause vegan footwear

shoes without leather

The concept of olsenHaus is based upon the idea of respect. Respect for nature and all living beings. OlsenHaus is aware of it's social responsibility towards the world and the animal rights in particular. Therefore they use only 100% animal-free and cruelty-free products to design and make there vegetarian footwear. Elizabeth Olson owner of olsenHaus was raised in he northeastern ans southern parts of the United States. She graduated in accessories design and has experience as a stylist for films, commercials and worked for many a notable client.

I love to hear from you, - Do you have veggie save shoes ?

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