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Venetian Murano Glass Necklaces

Updated on November 25, 2013

Murano Glass Necklaces

When deciding to give a necklace as a gift, you can't go wrong when choosing an exquisite Murano Glass Necklace.

Wearing a necklace made from the Venetian is an exotic treat. The mysterious flair will leave you and everyone else in awe. One you have one, you will want more and more to compliment every outfit.

The hand-blown glass can be shaped into a number of different designs and shines in many bright colors. This delicate beauty has been my favorite for quite sometime now. I have several pieces tucked away, awaiting use for special occasions.

You can find this Pink Heart at

Each necklace is as unique as the person wearing it.

How to Make Murano Glass

This delicate material is made using a silicate glass. It is heated at a very high temperature until it liquefies. The liquid is then mixed with other chemicals which affect the opacity, color and texture of the beautifully created glass.

As it slowly transforms into a solid material, it's soft enough for the glass maker to mold it into any shape they wish.You can find this beautiful material used in delicate vases, lamps, jewelry and numerous other masterpieces.

Special tools are necessary. Tools include: tongs, pliers, a blowing pipe, an iron rod and glass clippers.


Sterling Silver Ladybug Pendant

This lady is one of my favorite pieces to wear. She is elegant and beautiful without being too big and bulky.

Hand-Made Just for You

Each and every piece of this exquisite jewelry is unique. This is because each one is handmade by a glass maker. The possibilities are endless with the different mixtures of color, the multitude of shapes and wide range of patterns. No two pieces will ever be the exact same.

Some of my favorites mimic aquatic creatures. I have two that resemble starfish, one is orange and the other is purple. The orange one rather large but when I add a long rope like necklace, it fits perfectly! My purple starfish is smaller and attached nice chain and is suitable for everyday wear.

When you pair bright colors with your favorite shapes, you will have a piece of jewelry made just for you. You can find them in just about every size you can think of. Whether it's a purple and green colored cat or huge red and white flower; the possibilities are endless, you are free to let your imagination run wild!

Sterling Silver Multicolored Bib Style Necklace, 19"

Multicolored Butterfly with Chain

I especially love this pendant because I've always had a love for butterflies. The colors in this charm are a perfect combination of green, purple, gold and black. This necklace is easily matched with any outfit you choose.

What is Your Favorite Style of Necklace?

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    • RazzbarryBreeze profile image

      RazzbarryBreeze 4 years ago

      I love these necklaces the ladybug is adorable but I really love the pink heart. Thanks for sharing with us.. Have a great day!