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DIY Hair: Veronica Lake for Short Hair

Updated on November 9, 2014
Reese Witherspoon rocking the Lake look.
Reese Witherspoon rocking the Lake look.

The gorgeous Veronica Lake is best known for her roles in Hollywood film noirs of the 1940s, as well as her famous hairdo.

Veronica always wore a peek-a-boo hairstyle, with a deep part and soft, flowing waves. Many ladies of the red carpet have emulated this look, including Reese Witherspoon, Blake Lively, Kate Winslet, and Scarlett Johansson.

The hairstyle is commonly done on long hair, but this tutorial is for you short-haired girls out there who are looking for something new to try! These beautiful vintage waves can be achieved in 20 minutes.

What You'll Need

For this hairstyle, all you'll need is a curling brush, hair spray, and a butterfly clip! Grab a handheld mirror too, so you can see the back of your head when you're done.

I use a Conair curling brush, it's around $15 at WalMart - though I'm sure you could use a regular curling wand or iron. I like the brush because it helps give curls volume, and leaves them looking more natural than an iron would.


First, make sure you have a deep side part.

Begin with your bangs on the larger section of hair. Curl the top half of the section towards your face, at the roots. Leave the ends alone - you'll deal with them next.

Once you've got a nice wave coming on, take the bottom half of that section and curl it in the opposite direction, away from your face.

Continue this pattern on all of the top sections of hair - towards your face at the top, away from your face at the bottom.

Lower Layers

In the video I kind of skipped around, doing the top layer on one side, then the whole bottom, then the top of the other side. Sorry if it was a little confusing. Like I said, for the top layers, you follow the curling-towards-then-curling-away pattern.

The bottom layers are super simple - just curl away from your face on both sides.

If your hair is really short in the back like mine, just curl it under.

Final Touches

Add a bit of hairspray when you're finished, and some nice, retro-inspired makeup. I went for a cat eye with red lipstick. Enjoy your fabulous hair!

Looking for more retro styles? Check out my Vintage 1940s Victory Roll tutorial! If you want something that's more everyday and low maintenance, try out this vintage short curly hairstyle!


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    • Sed-me profile image

      Sed-me 3 years ago from An undisclosed location.

      That looks so pretty. :)

    • a beautiful mess profile image

      Alex Rose 3 years ago from Virginia

      Thank you so much! I appreciate the complements!

    • Theater girl profile image

      Jennifer 3 years ago from New Jersey

      I love your edgy look and the great tips! Congrats on your success here as well! Welcome and blessings to you!