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Vintage Baby Clothing

Updated on November 4, 2014

The cost of vintage inspired baby clothing is appreciably less than if the clothing actually was over twenty years old. The majority of baby clothing today that is found in department stores is mass produced and ready to wear. Compare this to vintage or even vintage inspired baby clothing and you will get a different picture entirely.

Vintage clothing is simply defined as clothing that is between 20-100 years old. Anything over 100 years old is considered an antique. These clothes have value because of their craftsmanship, rarity and fabric used. However, vintage clothing may not be authentic; it may be vintage inspired clothing.

What Are Vintage Baby Clothes?

Vintage clothing can be previously worn or may still have the original labels attached. The price point is higher for never worn vintage clothing then for used vintage clothing. Vintage clothing are often handmade items, knitted or sewn by hand, with a greater attention to detail than their mass produced cousins. So, the bottom line is the perception of quality that is attached to vintage, just in the same way vintage wines are more expensive and of higher quality than those of a more recent time period.

What is the great attraction to buying vintage baby clothing?

Perhaps it can be best stated as a desire to dress our children as we were dressed as children. It is a need to connect with our pasts, by replicating them in how we dress our children. Plus, clothing 20, 30, or 40 years ago was definitely made better, and in most cases was made in the USA.

These days with the high cost of labor in the USA, we find clothing made in countries that pay their garment workers a pittance of what American workers would make for the same job. The reality is that the thriving garment industry that once existed in the United States has ceased to exist. The reasons for its demise are many, including child labor.

Vintage Baby Clothes on the Internet

It used to be that the only place you could purchase authentic vintage baby clothing was a thrift shop, or a baby store. Today there are stores that sell “organic” baby clothing which means they are made entirely of cotton, and their styles either are inspired by vintage baby clothing, or they still have their original tags attached. There are many such catalogs that you can order these special clothes from.

There is a high demand for these items; subsequently the price you will have to pay will be higher than purchasing them in a thrift store in your neighborhood. You are not limited to catalog shopping for these organic vintage clothing. With the advantage of the Internet, there is no shortage of websites that have popped up, showcasing these vintage items. Some of the well-known sites are E-Bay, Etsy and Amazon.

On E-Bay you can bid for vintage baby clothes and possibly win the item with a low bid. Etsy and Amazon work differently. Etsy is a website where you can buy original handmade items from real people, and on Amazon you have the choice of vintage or vintage inspired clothing to purchase.


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