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Vintage Bathing Suits

Updated on October 3, 2014

Bathing Suits With a Difference - Vintage Bathing Suits

It is an absolutely stunning idea to bring vintage bathing suits back into fashion for both modeling purposes and beachwear. Also called retro bathing suits that make any women look hip and sexy. The styles are taken from the 40s right through to the 80s.

Even the celebrities are strutting their stuff by wearing corset style one piece bathing suits. There are even mens retro swimwear that is available in different styles and colors that are sure to please the eyeballs of many spectators on the beach.

Image used under Creative Commons from Bunky's Pickle

Retro Style Bathing Suits for Women

Think back to picture perfect Marilyn Monroe when thinking of vintage bathing suits. Isn't it true that she had the knack to turn many mens heads back in the 50s when wearing retro style bathing suits. She was sexy and had such great appeal that her pictures can still be seen at many boutiques and other public places.

Modern women are certainly no exception to the rule, and vintage clothing which includes bathing suits have become very popular all round. Ladies are sure to wear these authentic styles bathing suits to the beach or when at the poolside.

Vintage style bathing suits from the 1950s are the more popular bathing suit type and is being brought out by many stores. The only difference is that these suits now have a higher cut in the thigh area compared to the older ones.

When looking for a good authentic style bathing suit at a reasonable price, it would be better to go to a department store franchise instead of a boutique as they tend to be pricier than the normal franchise stores.

Retro Men's Bathing Suits

Men are more than happy to wear these stylish authentic vintage bathing suits that were born in the 1950s along with what was then known as the new surfing sport shorts. It features two side seam pockets with a rear pocket complete with drain holes and rainbow type stripes extending from the sides towards the back.

It must be said that mens swimsuits had a very simple history in that there were not too many changes made. Only the length and patterns change as time passes, but the basic design is fairly consistent. Variations to the normal vintage swimsuits came with the commonly known board shorts and speedos.

Mens Retro Bathing Suits on eBay

Mens vintage swimming trunks listed on ebay.

Modern Retro Bathing Suits

You could be the hottest thing around at your local beach or pool by wearing these vintage style bathing suits with their famous daring cuts and bold colors. You can be sure that you will create a stir among many onlookers by venturing out with your funky sexy retro bathing suits that will be hard to ignore.

We dare you to surprise your family and friends by meeting them and showing off the latest vintage bathing suit that is sure to have them drool at the incredible flattering figure that is all your own, displayed by the stylish new design.

Did you know? Marilyn Monroe was Not a Natural Blonde

Marilyn Monroe was advised early on in her career to dye her hair from brunette to blonde to help her land more modeling jobs.


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