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Vintage Chanel Earrings

Updated on August 2, 2014
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Paula Atwell is a freelance writer with WriterAccess, webmaster, member of Pinterest Party on FB and the owner of Lake Erie Artist Gallery.

Classic Style Lasts Forever

If you are looking for classic vintage earrings to add to your vintage jewelry collection, then you should consider collecting vintage Chanel earrings. Chanel has always been at the height of fashion and haute couture, and Chanel jewelry never goes out of style. Not only that, but you can easily mix new Chanel jewelry with vintage Chanel jewelry because Chanel is so classic and iconic.

Chanel Has Fashion Longevity

So any vintage Chanel earrings you add to your jewelry collection will be a lifetime fashion investment for your wardrobe. Because if Chanel's fashion longevity, Chanel jewelry can be pricy, but if you search for vintage Chanel earrings on Ebay, you will be pleased at the selection and the incredible bargains you will find.

Authentic vintage Chanel earrings can be worn to the office, to a business lunch, and also to the bar after work. They will compliment any classic outfit, with simple and elegant styling.

Chanel Button Earrings

Because many of the vintage Chanel earrings were produced before the majority of American women had pierced ears, there are many clip earring choices available. And clip earrings can usually be converted to pierced earrings pretty easily by a jeweler or jewelry artist.

The vintage Chanel button earrings pictured to the left are gold tone with a black lacquer paint surrounding the CC Chanel logo.

Materials in Vintage Chanel Earrings

Because Chanel is a classic look, most of the vintage earrings are made with gold or silver, or base metal coated with gold or silver, pearls, leather, crystal, and white or black lacquer paint. Many of the earrings are round or oval in shape, although there are also several simple drop styles.

Both real and faux pearls were used in authentic vintage Chanel earrings, so when you search, be clear what you are looking for. Obviously, the more expensive the materials, the higher priced the earrings will be. However, the better quality materials will also be much more durable, and last for years.

CC Logo Earrings

The CC Chanel logo is a coveted Chanel look which is often applied to the surface or other parts of Chanel jewelry, and that is true of vintage Chanel earrings as well. There are some really unique designs with the CC Chanel logo, including one with the CC Chanel logo inside a bird cage design. Very cool.

You can also find the CC Chanel logo in relief on many gold and silver designs including some heart shaped gold logo earrings.


Coco Chanel was born Gabrielle Bonhour Chanel on August 19, 1883 in Saumu, France. Coco was a French fashion designer who founded the popular Chanel brand. She was considered to be a true pioneer in fashion, and to this day her "signature scent"Chanel No. 5 remains as popular as ever. Chanel No. 5 was the first perfume to ever feature the name of the designer. Chanel has been credited with helping post World War 1 era women become liberated from the stereotypical style roles of the times and helping to make the idea of a sporty, casual chic popular and accepted as the new feminine standard. Coco was a very ambitious woman who was a success in her business and who was socially prominent. Coco remains well known for the introduction of the Chanel suit as well as the "little black dress". Coco Chanel was also recognized as a style icon, known for simple yet sophisticated outfits which she paired with fabulous accessories.

Coco's life didn't start out as glamorous as it ended. Her mother passed away and her father, a peddler, then placed her in an orphange. She was then left to be raised by nuns who taught the young girl how to sew, the inspiration behind what would later make her so successful as a fashion designer in years to come. Her nickname "Coco" was a product of her brief career as a singer where she performed in clubs. The name is said to have been derived from the Frech word "cocotte", which means "kept woman".

At age twenty, Chanel became involved with two men who played instrumental roles in helping her with her first venture in fashion. These men were Etienne Balsan and Arthur Capel. In 1910, Chanel opened her first shop in Paris where she sold hats. She later added two more stores and began making clothing. It wasn't until the 1920s that she ventured into the world of fragrance. Perhaps Coco Chanel's most revoluntionary design was the little black dress that ended the notion that black always had to be reserved for occasions such as funerals and mourning. Chanel let it be known that black could also be used in chic eveningwear.

Chanel Pearl Earrings

I would have to say my personal favorite of all the Chanel earring designs are the designs with pearls, primarily the pearl drop earrings. But that is because I am partial to drop earrings to begin with. However, because pearls have always been considered a valuable gemstone, and have a timeless quality like the Chanel brand, pearls are often found in Chanel jewelry designs.

Vintage Chanel pearl earrings can be found on Ebay in many styles besides drop earrings, including button earrings, and combined with other gemstones like sapphires.

Converting Clip On Earrings to Pierced Earrings

If you would like to convert your vintage Chanel earrings from clip to pierced earrings, most reputable jewelers can do this for you. Depending on the style of the earring, you may need to have the clips removed and new posts soldered on, but this can be done without damaging the earrings.

Even easier is converting clip earrings to dangle style earrings. Earring wires can be purchased in whatever metal that the earrings are made of and usually can be attached without soldering at all. However, the jeweler can take a look at the earrings, and assess the best way to change them.

Of course, you do not have to convert your clips to pierced earrings. You can wear them as clips even if you have pierced ears.

You really can't go wrong with vintage Chanel jewelry of any kind, and your Chanel purchase will last you a lifetime of wear.

Which is your favorite?

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    • karMALZEKE profile image

      karMALZEKE 3 years ago

      I hunt for them at estate sales. There are a lot of Chanel collects out there. They fetch a nice profit on ebay. I the samples shown here.