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Hip-Hop : Vintage Style In Modern Days

Updated on February 26, 2012

Hip-Hop Style

The 1980s were a very "colourful" and "alive" decade,it was the time where artists like RUN DMC , NWA , Notorious B.I.G. ,Tupac Shakur , Dj Grandmaster Flash , Coolio and many more were in mainstream's spotlight.

The Hip-Hop clothing style at the time were very classy,fresh,clean,funky,sophisticated and a little crazy.

Basketball had a big influence on the fashion trends.

As time goes on,fashion trends change on certain populations and the 1980s style had morphed into a baggy-style in the 1990s 'till the year 2005.

Interestingly,today,the 1980s style had partially come back.

Clothing trends from the past are now back in style,i'm talking about snapbacks,crewneck sweatshirts,skinny jeans,basketball shoes,gold chains,bags,jackets and the list goes on...

Certain brands also came back into style like Adidas,Nike,Air Jordan,Starter,Polo Ralph Lauren and some Luxury brands.

In this lens you will learn about Vintage brands,,shoes,accessories and jackets,everything vintage!

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,the show that displays the most vintage style.
The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,the show that displays the most vintage style.

Vintage Brands

Starter,Nike,Adidas,Polo Ralph Lauren,40 Acres

Many brands have came back in style and are sold as Deadstock items.

"Deadstock" is when a company manufactures an item and stops producing them making the item limited.The item is then called Deadstock.

Brands like Starter stopped producing their famous Satin Jackets and are now deadstock.They also used to produce snapback caps.Nike,one of the most popular brands,came a long way from the year 1964 when it was founded by Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight.They've created thousands of different vintage jackets,shoes and hats that have a 1980s look and feel.They've also produced a shoe brand called Air Jordan originally designed for and endorsed by the basketball player Michael Jordan.Under certain styles of their shoes you can see a colourful,zig-zag,cut and messy pattern,something that was very trendy at the time.Another brand,popularized by many artists,specifically RUN DMC,is the brand Adidas.They had created plenty of colourful,zig-zag pattern clothing mentioned earlier.The vintage sweatshirts they have manufactured would really make anyone stand out.Not to forget,the infamous Superstar Two shoes they've put together.Do you recall the luxury brand Polo Ralph Lauren?Today, they're clothing isn't much but in the past,they had that cut pattern adored by thousands.Another brand that pushed the trend is 40 Acres And a Mule Clothing.opened by famous actor Spike Lee,40 Acres clothing are one of the more colourful brands you will see.They're famous for their colours Red,Green and Yellow.

Spike Lee and Air Jordan 7's
Spike Lee and Air Jordan 7's

Vintage Shoes

Athletic Shoes

There's no doubt that the vintage style had been influenced by sports.Air Jordan,one of the biggest basketball shoe brand,were made specially for Michael Jordan.They have 23 different styles but the vintage ones range from Jordan 1's to Jordan 13's.The shoes have a futuristic look,some designs stand out a lot and they have a crazy cut design.The shoes are really durable and the soles are tall so you don't need to worry about heel drag.Another vintage shoe are Converses,they've started making shoes since the 20th decade.At first they were just a normal shoe company until,in 1917 the company released a basketball shoe called Converse All-Star.Later then,in 1921,a basketball player called Charles H."Chuck" Taylor complained of sore feet.He started working for Converse and in 1923 his signature was added to the All Star patch.The Chuck Taylor shoe,is usually made of canvas material and the sole goes all the way up to the toe box.Some of the shoes were made of vinyl,leather or suede.Adidas also made a shoe called Superstar 2 which quickly got picked up by hip-hop fanatics and RUN DMC

Air Jordan - Jordan 7's

These are the "Hare" Jordan 7's inspired from the movie Space Jam.

The triangular designs make the shoe look futuristic.

Converse - All Star Chuck Taylor's

Wiz Khalifa wearing Low Chuck's his own way.

Adidas - Superstar 2 RUN DMC Edition

You can recognize Adidas by their 3 Vertical lines.



Vintage accessories are more of an "extra" thing because most of them were from luxury brands which can sometimes be pricy.Gold chains were a trend and like always RUN DMC stayed fresh with it.There were also Gucci and Chanel chains.As mentioned before sports had a big influence on clothing and probably still has today,so for fanatics to show they're support,they wore snapback hats.They came in all teams and from all mainstream sports,but not all snapbacks had a team logo on it.Cartoons having a big influence on the clothing too,were embroidered onto snapbacks.Starter,Nike and Reebok are companies that manufactured snapbacks.Today,New Era,Mitchell & Ness and Tisa are the major hat companies.Eyewear also made a big impression on the vintage look.Darryl Mcdaniels (main founder of RUN DMC) sported vintage clear frame glasses or a.k.a. nerd glasses.Wayfarer glasses also made a huge comeback.Rayban is a company that produces Wayfarer shades and are in style these days.Chanel also has these wayfarer shades with a gold chain on it which is pretty expensive.


A snapback is a hat which is snapped in the back, and can be adjusted to fit.


Get your Vintage nerd glasses here!

Vintage Chains

Get yo' vintage chains here!

Starter Logo
Starter Logo

Vintage Jackets


Firstly,the majority of 1980 jackets were inspired from or were varsity jackets.Varsity jackets are college or letterman jackets given to highschool to college students.Usually to display academic or athletic awards.They featured a wool body with leather sleeves and striped collars.

Secondly,Denim or Jean Jackets were also a very popular trend,and some were made into vests by cutting off the sleeves.They also started a community of people who customize their Jackets so they can have they very own unique piece.The backs of the jackets sometimes featured a nice spray paint design to make it look unique at its best and represent something about the wearer.

Thirdly,wind-breakers are jackets designed to resist wind chill and light rain, a lighter version of a jacket.The material used is a very light and synthetic material.They feature a hood,a zipper and elastics to adjust depending on the individual wearing the jacket.They usually have flashy coloured designs and such,they definitely get noticed in public.

The big vintage brand Starter,had jackets that were typically designed to show allegiance to a particular professional or college sports team, and prominently featured both the team's logo and colours.They were a fad in the 1990s and caused robberies worldwide as they became a larger status symbol that were well covered by the media.The jackets were inspired by Varsity jackets but instead the sleeves weren't separated by the bodies.They had a glossy finish and the Starter logo was embroidered on the left bottom arm.Depending on the team,the team's name would be stitched with patches on the front of the jacket and sometimes on the back.Another brand that is similar to Starter jackets were Chalkline jackets.They are pretty similar but Chalkline wouldn't joke around with the team emblems.They design the emblem full out on the jacket with no restraints.

Gold MVP Starter jacket Miami

Starter Jacket
Starter Jacket
Starter Jackets
Starter Jackets

Bengals Chalkline Jacket

A Chalkline Jacket
A Chalkline Jacket

Nike Windbreaker

An amazing Charlotte Hornets Windbreaker Jacket - From Starter

To sum up...

the 1990s were a very coulourful year in fashion,style and trends.Many wore vintage brands,performed in various athletic shoes,protected themselves from the cold with awesome winter jackets and expressed themselves with expensive chains and accessories.

The styles of fashion change and evolve within every year going by and sometimes the past comes back to the present in a different way.

How would you feel about someone who would be in the streets,looking like he came back from the past in the 1990s, or maybe he was just in the New "past" trends of today?

Recognize him? - Comment Below!

All comments appreciated!

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      6 years ago

      NWA, Notorious BIG, Tupac Shakur? Wrong decade my friend, that was the 90s.


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