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Vintage Pocket Watches for Men (Collectibles)

Updated on October 15, 2016
JFK Half Dollar Pocket Watch
JFK Half Dollar Pocket Watch

Pocket watches are traditional time pieces, the only types commonly worn between the 16th century and the mid 20th century when wristwatches began to gain some popularity.

They are designed to be 'worn' stylishly, tucked away in a top-coat pocket or securely attached to a waistcoat, trouser belt loop, or lapel by means of a gold or silver chain.

The fobs which provides cover for pocket watches are meant to be protective of course, but they are also decorative. And elegant and fashionable women of the day had pretty covers, depending on their social status.

Chains were usually decorated with pendants which often carry the coat of arms of some fraternity, society or club. These vintage watches also had practical and functional gadgets to wind the watch, intricately decorated cigarette cutters for men of nobility, and fasteners designed to be put through buttonholes and worn in a waistcoat or sports jacket.

Earlier versions of the pocket watch only had the hour hand, but by the late 17th century, the minute hand started to appear. The first of their kind built with machine made parts were manufactured in the late 1830's.

Unique Classic Timepieces

In some parts of the world, engravable pocket watches are still presented or awarded to retiring employees, and for vintage themed weddings, pocket watches for grooms men are commonly seen male accessories.

In the late 20th century, there was an attempt to revive the pocket watch carrying style by fashion savvy men in three piece suits. This led to its revival as some men used their vest pocket for its originally intended purpose. Since then some watch manufacturers produced pocket watches for their select clientele.

And pocket watches manufactured in the '90s had an extra hinged cover that can be folded over to allow the watch stand upright on a flat surface and used as an object of décor.

The following classic pocket watches make great gift ideas, especially for timepiece collectors and those who love unique vintage pieces.

1. The American Indian Pocket Watch

These are true classic keepsakes, historical pieces of the Old Wild West that are handsomely crafted with highly-detailed silver tone covers.

Their vintage designs feature the relief images designed by American sculptor James Fraser, in 1911. This image became the 'heads' face of the buffalo nickel in 1913.

These pocket watches come with engravable backs, chains with fobs, and quartz movements.

When you press the crown, the timepiece will open to reveal an artwork based on another of James Fraser's typical sculptures.

2. Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar Watch

This timepiece is an elegant and stunning fine sterling silver watch and it is crafted with a genuine half-dollar case. Asides that it is eye catching, this piece also makes a great gift idea. Owners of this pocket watch find it becomes conversation item when sighted by many.

The silver dollar used in its construction actually dates back as early as 1916 to 1947. It is visible from both faces of its cover; its accurate quartz movement with Roman numerals second hand and fob chain is an added plus.

This vintage watch will make a great family heirloom.

3. Founding Fathers Pocket Watch

These unique vintage collectibles crafted in steel alloy are exquisite and valuable watches that open up to reveal portraits of America's famous and legendary, the Native Americans . . . Geronimo, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull and Chief Joseph. They come with Roman numerals, quartz movements and minute markings.

They come in a case that's crafted in steel alloy and features antique silver finish with enameled artwork, giving the appearance of inlaid works of turquoise.

"The case, crafted in steel alloy, features an antique silver finish with enameled Native American artwork, giving the appearance of inlaid turquoise......"

4. JFK Half Dollar Timepiece

This vintage engravable pocket watch features a genuine John F. Kennedy centenary half dollar that’s dated 1776 to 1976 and beautifully set into an ornate cover. It's a truly classic timepiece.

It is easy to operate as all it requires is a press down on its crown to open it. The half dollar coin has an image of Independence Hall on its reverse side.

JFK Half Dollar Pocket Watch comes with the typical vintage Roman numerals with filigree hour and minute hands, and a sweep second hand. It is crafted in heavy cast alloy metal with rich silver tone finish on a link chain with fob.

This handsome antique pocket watch comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

5. College Gold and Silver Pocket Timepieces

These keepsakes are functional and classy pieces of an Alma Mater.

They are crafted with an enamelled college logo on the exterior of the steel alloy casings, and their Arabic numerals are quite legible on their face.

They come with chains and attached fobs, and are finished in lustrous brushed gold or silver tones.

College pocket watches come with a manufacturer's 3-year limited warranty.

Where To Buy Vintage Watches

Today you can find to buy antique and vintage pocket watches (authentic or reproduced), because they have suddenly regained their popularity due to a sub-genre of a cultural movement that embraces vintage fashion and arts of the Victorian era, a time when pocket watches were found everywhere, worn generally by affluent people.

If you want to buy vintage pocket watches on-line, visit sites like Betty's Attic, eBay or Amazon. You will find awesome and handsome pieces of these timepiec beauties.

© 2011 viryabo

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      Cloverleaf 5 years ago from Calgary, AB, Canada

      Hi viryabo

      Thanks for these excellent gift ideas, these vintage pocket watches are really beautiful and I enjoyed your hub very much. Voting up!


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