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Best Women's Walking Shoes

Updated on April 9, 2013

Shoes That Give The Best Support

I have found the best type of exercise for me to be walking. It is not overwhelming and I can walk with my kids. However, as I began walking regularly I noticed my normal shoes just did not hold up well to walking on trails or on the side of the road very well.

After a little trial and error I finally found the best walking shoes for me. I first tried a pair of cheap shoes just meant for walking but they quickly wore out and left my feet with blisters. That was not so much fun.

I then tried a walking shoe that is built to be a bit of a cross trainer. Which is turned out what I needed because when walking fast or going up big hills, and then every now and then I had to run after my kids my feet felt terrible when in the cheap shoes that I had. A shoe just for walking and only walking could work for someone else, but there are other options that can make your shoe more versatile without losing quality in the area your looking for.

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Best Speed Walking Shoes
Best Speed Walking Shoes

Why Ryka Is My Favorite Walking Shoe

Not Just For Walking

Ryka Synergy is my favorite women's shoe to use for walking. Mine are white and silver with pink soles and lining. They are marketed as a light cross trainer but the brand has worked well for me. It is light weight so it does not feel like I have bricks on my feet and it has the support I need to do other things besides slow walking down a soft path.

I first heard of the shoe when looking into doing a Zumba workout video when the instructor explained what type of shoes to wear and her favorite was Ryka brand because she did not like to keep buying shoes for every workout she did. While I did not end up doing the workout program because walking fits my lifestyle better I did end up thinking her shoe advice was on point.

There are actually a few styles of Ryka. They each have a few different features, which is great because not everyone's feet are built or shaped the same. I always feel I have a hard time finding a good fitting shoes because I have big feet that are a bit on the wide side. Some shoes are to narrow for me, although the wide shoes seem to wide.

The women's Ryka shoe that had the Velcro strap across the shoe provided the exact support I needed. The strap allowed the shoe to fit sung and keep my feet in place.

Image in Photo: RYKA Women's Synergy Shoe

RYKA Synergy Shoe

RYKA Women's Synergy Shoe,Black/Dark Pink/White,8 M US
RYKA Women's Synergy Shoe,Black/Dark Pink/White,8 M US

Made to mold to your feet. Love the strap accross the front, it looks cute but it also helps the shoe conform. Comes in many other colors.

Known in many circles as the best shoe for zumba, but known to me as my favorite walking shoe.


Ryka Women's Advance Walking Shoe - Update:I loved the Ryka shoe so much I also got me a pair of these too.

Even though the shoe is specifically made for walking I do not see a huge difference between how my feet feel. However since I love them both I would recommend either one of them.

The big difference between the two is that the advance walking shoe has more of a cushy feel. If you need the extra soft touch I would go with this Ryka style.

Ryka Women's Advance Walking Shoe,White/Light Blue/Navy,8 M US
Ryka Women's Advance Walking Shoe,White/Light Blue/Navy,8 M US

It is hard for me to pick just one. I liked the colors I had to chose from on the Synergy better but now I see that the advance walking style has updated their selections to different color patterns.


Light Enough To Pack into A Purse - Ryka Women's Remedy Walking Shoes

I have not gotten a pair of these yet but one of my best friends swear by these. She loves to walk during her lunch time, prefers to park way in the back of the parking lot and take the stairs instead of the elevators. In her heels for work this would be impossible.

These cool light weight walking shoes fit perfectly in a purse and can be worn without socks if needed. Just replace them quickly with dress shoes do your walking then quickly change them out again. Plus her Ryka's give her feet the support they need that they would not get if she just changed out her shoes with a pair of flip flops.

One of the other things she points out is that she still looks like a professional when wearing her walking shoes with her work clothes. They do not stick out like a sore thumb like a pair of bulky white tennis shoes would.

What To Look For In A Women's Walking Shoe

Natural Tone Ryka Advanced Walking Shoe
Natural Tone Ryka Advanced Walking Shoe

Now that you know what shoe I love. You should also know that not all shoes fit everyone, we all have different feet and shoes just fit everyone differently. So below are a few things to look for when picking out a good pair of shoes for walking, rather they are marketed for that or not.

1) Look at the heel of the shoe. The heel should be low and round. Avoid heels that are very thick or that have a flair at the edge. Thick heels will slow you down but may be needed if needing walking shoes for hiking in tough areas.

2) Flexibility is important. As a walker you will walk heel to toe. Flexibility of sole when walking will make the walk more comfortable. To test make sure the toe area of the shoe can be twist and turned slightly without difficulty.

This is a big difference in a shoe meant for long distance running because a runner will need a little less flexibility to protect their feet when putting a lot of weight when landing on feet.

3) Avoid heavy shoes. A walker does not need to weigh down their feet. Keep shoes light and breathable.

4) Do not use shoes that do not fit right. Wearing shoes that are too big or too small can leave feet sore and in pain. Most women's feet will change sizes throughout the day slightly, so you would want to avoid getting shoes that is either too fitted or too loose or your feet may not always feel as great in the shoes as you would wish.

*** If you have trouble finding the right shoes for walking or anytime of tennis shoes you should consider looking at features that are a best fit for the type of foot you have. Find out more about what features to look for at the Mayo Clinic Shoe Guide .

Do You Have A Favorite Walking Shoe? - Go Ahead And Share Your Opinion!

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