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8 Wardrobe essentials: what every woman needs in her closet

Updated on October 26, 2013
walk in closet
walk in closet

Wardrobe building should be done slowly. You cannot get all the clothes that you need in one shopping trip. I have listed eight wardrobe essentials that every woman needs in her closet. These items are so useful because they can be worn with other pieces to create many different looks. These items are basic for building a good wardrobe.

trench coat (cream, buff, khaki neutral colors) – a trench coat is absolutely necessary in every woman's closet. It is a very stylish outerwear that you can wear for many different seasons, spring, fall and winter. You should also keep in mind that a neutral color is best because you can pair it with almost every other color.

black fitted blazer – This is another outerwear that is absolutely necessary. It is more business / formal than the trench coat. You can wear this for an important meeting or other more formal events.

black dress pants – This is another essential item in your closet that you can wear for a very formal occasion. This pair of pants should fit you very well and flatter your figure. You can wear it for interviews, meetings as well as any other business settings.

pencil skirt – The pencil skirt in neutral colors such as black, gray and brown is essential in your wardrobe. The skirt should just hit the knee with a small opening at the back. You should choose one that fits well but not too tight. When it is too figure hugging, it is less classy and will draw the eyes of male co-workers or clients.

pump (black, brown or other neutral colors) – A pair of black pumps is essential because it can be worn with many outfits. What you need to get is pair that is classy and very comfortable. The heel height should not exceed three inches. Higher heels tend to be less classy. Very shiny patent heels tend to be less classy as well. Coach has some pumps that are very classy and cute. However, they are on the more expensive side. You don't really have to get a pair of black pumps; other neutral colors are good for you too if it goes well with the rest of your wardrobe.

Jeans (boot cut, medium blue) – A pair of good jeans is another essential piece of clothing that you need to have. Boot cut is the most classic and will flatter most figures. Some say it is out of vague right now, but it is just a very traditional and flattering type of jeans. The skinny jeans will flatter only one type of figure, very skinny woman. The flare cut tends to make petite woman look odd. The high waist jeans are just too edgy for many women to puff off. The color and wash is very important as well. The color should be a medium blue. Dark jeans are very trendy; while light colors are more for skinny girls or summer time.

Cardigan (cream, buff colors in that family) – You can pair a cardigan with lots of different clothes for a cool causal look. For example, you can pair a cardigan with a strapless dress when it gets a little cold. You can always wear it in the office when the air conditioning gets very cold.

Simple white shirt – A white shirt is a classic essential that goes with many different outfits. You should have more than one in your closet. But if there is only one, it should be a very basic one with no embellishment and other feminine details. Keep it simple.


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    • bwhite062007 profile image

      Brianna W 6 years ago from East Coast

      Great Hub! I am also happy to say that I have all of your essentials in my closet!