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Warhammer 40k t-shirts

Updated on February 3, 2013

Warhammer 40k t-shirts


Warhammer 40k t-shits blog will show you the various available 40k t-shirts and where to find them. You will find something for yourself or for a friend, the selection is quite large!

If you are a fan of Warhammer 40k you will want one of these to represent your favorite faction!

I must say though that the Imperial aquila T-shirts strike my fancy the most!

P.S. Try this blog if you are looking for a Space marine Tshirt

About Warhammer 40k

Before moving on to warhammer 40k t-shirts

Warhammer 40k is a grimdark universe setting full of amazing artwork, historical background and amazing stories to back it all up! The universe draws the coolest from the history of mankind and its culture. From the mighty warrior monk Space marines inspired by monastic military orders, the fanatic orders of various religions, heretic cults, Fallen angels (Chaos space marines), brave and human Imperial guard, aliens such as Tau, and Undead legions of necrons. The warhammer universe makes great use of history and culture and that is what makes it so amazing. Although living in a universe where you can be possessed by a demon at any time, shot or burned at the stake for being a witch or any other atrocity is no piece of cake, it is a great resource from which to draw not only lore, but some amazing symbolism as well. And that symbolism for us are the Warhammer 40k t-shirts (since we sadly can not wear monk robes in public!).

Warhammer 40k t-shirts


Warhammer 40k t-shirts are a great way to show off your allegiance to your favorite Warhammer race as well as chapter, cult, legion or other sub division!

The shirts will make you stand out at parties, tournaments, lan parties as well as your friendly warhammer matches! If you are a Warhammer universe lover you should represent your favorite faction! Warhammer 40k t-shirts, as well as any other warhammer item make amazing gifts as well. I have just received a warhammer book for example and I must say, any other book would disappoint, same goes for t shirts. Get a warhammer t-shirt to gift or risk disappointment!

Various uses of Warhammer 40k shirts:

- Feeling cool wearing them

- Making friends and family jealous

- Express and impress at various tournaments, parties and gatherings

- Remind yourself there is something to live for…Warhammer 40k

- Gift a friend and receive bonus points!

This blog is divided into categories by races. You will find Warhammer 40k t shirts for each race you need!

Loyalists/ Space marine t-shirts - Warhammer 40k t-shirts

These t shirts represent various founding space marine chapters. Space marines are the most popular warhammer race. Many wonderful stories are written about them and you can be sure wearing one of these will show your allegiance. Many have been sold out, so get your own while they last.

In order of appearance you have your:

- Ultramarines

- Silver skulls

- Angels of redemption

- Howling griffons

- Novamarines

- Raven guard

Chaos space marines t shirts - Traitor t shirts

Some really beautiful t shirts here! You have a beautiful chaos undivided shirt, the Black legion t shirt, Thousand sons and lastly the Dusk raiders and Death guard.

More awesome Imperium T-shirts - Warhammer 40k t shirts

Below you have the Imperial eagle (Aquila), Deathwatch, Terminator crux and a fun Warhammer shirt.

Ork T-shirts - Warhammer Ork T-shirts

Various Ork T-shirts!

A quick question - On the Warhammer 40k t-shirts blog

Did you find what you were looking for?

Comments - COmment on the Warhammer 40k t-shirts blog

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