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How to achieve the best water marble nails?

Updated on May 11, 2013

In the nail art world, water marble has been popular for a number of years. I heard that it was discovered by accident and continued to be popular everywhere. This technique is fun and easy when you get the basics right. This hub is all about tips and tricks to achieve ideal water marble nail art.

You will need filtered or bottled room temperature water. Tap water does not allow polishes to spread easily; you will end up wasting lots of nail lacquers. This type of nail art does use quite a bit more than other types of manicure. I don't recommend using expensive nail polishes for this type of work.

You will need nail polishes that work in the water and with each other. Each bottle of nail polish behaves differently. Some will work and some will not. You will not know unless you first try it in the water. In general, new bottles tend to work better than old bottles that has a thicker consistence. Glitter, top and base polishes tend to not work that well in the water or with other nail lacquers. So, how do you know? The moment a drop hits the water, it should spreads out quickly. For this manicure, you can select two or more colors. For starters, it is better to start with two colors because it will be easier for you to work with.

Which nail polishes work for me? I have a few brands that tend to work better than others. But again, it is more based on the nail polishes individually. I find that the Sally Hansen Xtreme Hard as Nails polishes are the best for water marble. The Sinful Colors polishes vary depending on individual bottles. The Pure Ice is okay too, but I only have a few bottles. This is based on my personal experience; I'm not trying to promote certain brands. You will notice that these are all cheaper polishes because I just don't want to use my more expensive brands. Water marble will use a lot of nail polish each time you do it.

Long or short nails? In general, long nails tend to work better because it picks up more of the design. Short nails can work as well but you will have to be careful where you dip. A coat of white will bring out the design much more than your bare nails. You can also paint the nail with the lightest color that you are using for your design.

Which designs? There lots of designs that you can do. The possibilities are endless. That's why it's very popular in the nail art world. For example, you can do flowers, lines, spirals, hearts and random patterns.

How do I draw a design? You will have to build rings of different colors in the water. You can use a toothpick, needle or orange stick to do your design. You will drag or draw the nail polish at your heart's desire. However, it is important to remember that the outer few rings are already dry. Do not start from those rings.

Tape your skin to make the cleanup easier. Lots of people love to do designs on their actual nails. You will have to tape the skin around your fingernails for easy cleaning. After you dip, clean the surface of the remaining nail polish, remove tape and clean around the fingernail with nail polish remover. A top coat will bring out the design even more with the smooth finish and shine.


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