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Wax Pot, The Integral Part of waxing

Updated on January 5, 2012

Using wax pot and spatula for applying the wax is the favorite for most aestheticians. Though a lot of aestheticians now prefer roller wax, waxing pots still are preferred by most. Spa and salons usually use large wax pots while individual aestheticians use the smaller ones.

Typical wax pot has multiple heat selection capability which means you can adjust the temperature of the wax to your preference. Most of the time low heat is the ideal choice, especially if the wax is going to be applied on delicate areas of the body. The skin on delicate parts of the body which is often the preferred place to get waxed is highly sensitive. Even slightly overheated wax can do damage to the skin cells.

For individual wax therapists, having both roller wax and wax pot would be better. When you are waxing in home, you can use the pot and when going someplace, you can take roller wax with you. One thing to remember is that you need to switch on the wax pot hours before you plan on using the wax. So, if you are someone that often forgets things, it might be a good idea to have roller wax or look for other options besides the pot.

Some people often find it difficult to clean these wax melting pots. It is needed when you want to use another type of wax and don’t want two type of wax to mix together. You can begin the cleaning process by heating the remaining wax in the inner container. Get the inner container out and remove as much thin wax as possible. Then you can wash the container with water with a few drops of wax remover. It will help remove the last bit of wax from the container. For people that often use different type of wax, cleaning too many times can become annoying. The solution to that is buying multiple inner containers for the wax pot. Those containers cost very little and you can just keep one for each type of wax you use.

Waxing involves some physical pain and as it is done on some intimate parts of the body, you might feel uncomfortable to remove your cloths in front of an unknown person. To avoid this, some people buy wax pot and try waxing at home. This, in my opinion, is not a good idea. First of all, if not done properly waxing can cause serious skin problems and waxing done by an amateur will be more painful than by an expert. If you feel shy to get waxing service by strangers, ask the name of the therapist after you get waxing service for the first time and then you can always book that person earlier for further waxing sessions.

Wax pot and spatula to apply wax and cotton strips to remove the wax is what senior aestheticians like to use for providing waxing service to their clients. Wax pots have been an integral part of waxing from the very beginning and most likely it will remain like that for as long as waxing continues.


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