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Know Your Wedding Anniversaries!

Updated on October 10, 2009

The Silver Wedding Anniversary

The Silver Wedding Anniversary marks the twenty-fifth year of marriage. It is usual to have a family party such as an afternoon tea, dinner or dance. All members of the original wedding party who can be reached should be included. Invitations may be sent out by the couple themselves, or by their children.

If a formal invitation is to be sent, it should be printed in silver and sent out three weeks before the date. The envelopes can be lined in silver, and the appearance of the invitation should be plain and elegant. Inclusion of the words 'to celebrate their Silver Wedding' is optional, but if desired, it should be inserted after the line giving date and time, and before the line stipulating dress.

If the party is to be informal, visiting cards may be used. 'Silver Wedding' is written in the corner in ink. Alternatively, guests may be telephoned.

Guests usually send small silver gifts; these may be arranged on a table in the corner of the room, with the donors' cards still attached.

It is incorrect to write on the invitations 'Please omit gifts'. Guests attending should feel free to take a gift or not, as they wish. If you would prefer them not to bring gifts, this may be mentioned informally, never as part of the invitation.

When gifts arrive in the presence of guests who have not brought any, they should never be opened. Thank the donor when the gift is handed to you, then write a thank-you note the next day.

Husband and wife receive their friends, who conĀ­gratulate them. They then lead the way into the dining-room. A wedding cake, decorated in silver and white, is a must, and should be prominently displayed. It is cut by husband and wife. Decorations on the table should be white flowers.

A toast may be proposed to the couple celebrating the anniversary, but the occasion is not strictly formal in regard to procedure.

The Golden Wedding Anniversary

This marks the fiftieth year of marriage and is a great occasion which is seldom achieved. Members of the original bridal party who can still be reached should be included in the celebrations. The wedding cake is decorĀ­ated in white and gold. The date of the wedding and year of the anniversary may be part of the decoration. As many children and grandchildren as possible should be present at the occasion. The party may take the form of an afternoon tea, dinner or supper.

The party is usually held in the home of the couple, but relations and friends actually organise it. Invitations can be informal notes or telephone calls, but if invitations are sent out, the style and wording are the same as on invitations to silver weddings, only with the printing in gold. Gifts should be golden in colour or have touches of gold on them, and be wrapped in golden paper.

List of Wedding Anniversaries

First Year Wedding Anniversary
Second Year Wedding Anniversary
Third Year Wedding Anniversary
Fourth Year Wedding Anniversary
Fruit and flowers
Fifth Year Wedding Anniversary
Sixth Year Wedding Anniversary
Seventh Year Wedding Anniversary
Seventh Year Wedding Anniversary
Twelfth Year Wedding Anniversary
Silk and fine linen
Fifteenth Year Wedding Anniversary
Twentieth Year Wedding Anniversary
Twenty-fifth Year Wedding Anniversary
Thirtieth Year Wedding Anniversary
Fortieth Year Wedding Anniversary
Fiftieth Year Wedding Anniversary
Sixtieth Year Wedding Anniversary
The anniversaries usually recognized

What anniversary are you about to celebrate?

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    • Myn Is Me profile image

      Myn Is Me 7 years ago

      I was researching the information for my grandparents anniversary and I figured that I might as well go the whole way and write and publish an article on it.

    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      This list of anniversaries is useful. I am not married, but it's good to know anyway!