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Frill Hem Wedding Dresses Pattern

Updated on December 3, 2012
Wedding Dress with Frill Hem Photo
Wedding Dress with Frill Hem Photo | Source

Sewing Pattern For Frill Hem Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses are what every bride and groom always plan for as it is one of the wedding items that wedding guests will notice during the wedding ceremony. If you are a dressmaker or if you know a dressmaker in your locale, this can be easy if you know the type of fabric that you want to use in the design of your bridal gowns.

The style of your wedding dress will depend on the sewing pattern that you choose. You can get a pattern to sew bridal gown with shirred neckline, eight or more panel skirt and a frill hem or even a yoke to make you stand out on your wedding day.

Fabrics that do not drape is not suitable for this style of wedding gown. This means that fabric such as satin or brocade is recommended. But lightweight soft fabrics such as crepe de chine, cotton voile or fine silk can be use with good result.

How To Cut Out The Wedding Dress

You will have to cut the wedding dress from the main fabric piece. You should follow the cutting instruction from the pattern and lay the fabric flat on a surface. Then lay the pattern pieces on the fabric, pin and cut according to the fabric instruction. Make sure you transfer all the pattern markings and notches to the main fabric.

The fabric cutting should include the skirt and the top or bodice of the wedding dress, the sleeves, skirt frill, skirt panel, waistband, back bodice, front bodice and collar if you need one. You can also cut the facing which comprises of back neck facing. You should make sure that you follow the wedding dress pattern cutting instruction. It is easier to cut when you place the pattern pieces on the main fabric than just measuring and cutting.

How To Sew Together The Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Top

  • Place the right sides together and make sure that you match the notches
  • Using one side seam, tack and stitch the back of the wedding dress top to the front.
  • Trim and neaten
  • You should tack the shoulder darts after you have place together the right sides. Press the shoulder darts towards the center back.Tack and stitch together the remaining side seams.

Wedding Dress Sleeves

  • Place together the right sides and make sure that the notches match as you tack and stitch the underarm seams.
  • Trim and press
  • Turn the lower sleeve edge twice and machine stitch
  • on the sleeve head, between the notches use a gathering thread. pull up the gathering thread after you after you have pinned the underarm seams into the armhole.

Sewing The Wedding Skirt To The Wedding Top

It depends on how many skirt panels you may have cut. Some skirts can have up to eight panels. So this is how you can sew the panels together and then attach the to the wedding top:

  • Place the right sides together and match the notches.
  • Tack and stitch the skirt panels together. Make sure you leave opening for the zip
  • Neaten and press to one side
  • You should insert the zip into the skirt opening at this stage
  • Stitch the interfacing to the waistband
  • If you want your bridal gown to have frill, you can divide the fabric into your required frill parts in equal measures.
  • Place the right sides together and stitch all the divided parts together
  • From the top of each of the panels of the skirt, use a double gathering thread
  • You should place the right sides of the frill seams together, pin, tack and stitch the frill to the skirt.
  • Trim and press


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