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Wedding Dresses on Etsy

Updated on June 12, 2015

Why Etsy?

So, you are planning your wedding and you are looking for a wedding dress. Well, if you are familiar with online shopping, I guess it may have crossed your mind to purchase a wedding dress online, since the internet offers you a wider variety of choices. Although, there are many online websites selling wedding dresses and gowns for special occasions (please, be aware there are lots of scams there), I will focus on Etsy marketplace. If you search thoroughly through Etsy, you will find a lot of special vintage and handmade items. I cannot say that Etsy is free of scammers and copycats, but there are many talented designers and vintage shop owners who sell their unique goods. I came up with the idea to create a list of my favorite shops on Etsy to buy my dream dress. I have not got married yet, but when my big day comes, I will definitely consider one of these shops for my special dress...

Are you dreaming of a romantic, modest wedding dress? Do you love 50's tea length wedding dresses? Ellana Couture is an Etsy shop that specializes in creating tea-length wedding dresses. Many dresses featured on this classic Etsy shop look elegant and nostalgic. Also, do not forget that choosing a tea-length dress is a great way to point out your beautiful bridal pair of shoes!

A beautiful tea length dress.
A beautiful tea length dress. | Source

Another amazing feature of this vintage-inspired Etsy shop is the fact that it also sells tea-lenght crinolines. Crinolines look like tea-length tutus. You wear those garments under your tea-length gown and they offer you a fluffier and more voluptuous effect!

A fluffy tea-length crinoline.
A fluffy tea-length crinoline. | Source

If you generally love and wear tea-length dresses in your everyday life or special occasions, reusing your wedding crinoline to enhance your dresses is a great idea. In this case, getting a crinoline would be a great investment...

Vintage Opulence is an Atlanta based vintage-inspired Etsy shop. The shop owner Sarah creates retro dresses in silk and lace. All these dresses have a romantic and beautifully modest look. If you are planning a vintage-themed wedding this shop should be definitely considered.

A beautiful nostalgic wedding dress...All credits to Vintage Opulence
A beautiful nostalgic wedding dress...All credits to Vintage Opulence | Source

Wedding Dress Fantasy is the most representative Etsy shop for alternative style wedding dresses, along with KMKD designs. Of course each shop has it's own unique features that make it different from another similarly themed shop. Wedding Dress Fantasy embraces gothic and vintage style creating awesome wedding dresses in many different colors! As the name suggests, the dress often remind you of fairytales and fantasy characters. Also, many dresses have a royal touch. Most importantly, the designer combines alternative fashion with luxury and I believe this is the most important feature of this shop.

Also you can ask the designer to create a custom dress only for you. Do not worry if you are plus sized, the designer is specialized in creating beautiful dresses of any kind in any size. So feel free to request a custom order...

purple wedding dress
purple wedding dress | Source

KMKDesignsllc is an Etsy shop from Stillwater, MN, United States. If you are a fan of alternative fashion and corsets, maybe this is the right shop to choose the dress for your big day! The shop sells also many Neo-Victorian, Steampunk, Lolita and Goth accessories and clothes, but specializes in creating unique wedding gowns inspired by the styles mentioned above. The designers also create pieces for men.

Their wedding gowns are made of quality fabrics like chiffon and dupioni and they are also customizable. Most of the dresses are two-piece. This means they consist of a corset top and a separate bottom skirt. The corsets are made of a combination of plastic and steel boning, but if you want you can upgrade them to fully steel boned for 150 USD. There is also a possibility of ordering a same design is a different color. So if you are one of those girls who love to marry in black or any other color except for white or ivory visit this shop...

An amazing dress custom to order.
An amazing dress custom to order. | Source

The shop prices range from 625 USD to 4,000 USD for wedding dress! But most wedding dresses cost around 1,000 USD or 1,200 USD. The prices are reasonable comparing to the hard work put in to create those marvelous pieces...

I ''Do'' Couture is an Etsy shop from Dallas, U.S.A.. Ashley, the shop owner creates beautiful classic wedding dresses and can also accepts a fully custom order for your big day dress, so do not hesitate to imagine your dream gown and ask her to design and sew it for you!

A pretty gold and white wedding dress in white and gold with a detachable bow.
A pretty gold and white wedding dress in white and gold with a detachable bow. | Source

The shop also lists some beautiful alternative designs, like the one below.

This shop also offers beautiful alternative designs in black.
This shop also offers beautiful alternative designs in black. | Source

Della Giovana is a young talented fashion designer who makes beautiful, high fashion artistic dresses. Most of the dresses sold on her Etsy shop are samples form her catwalk presentation at discount prices.

Mixing white, ivory and gold
Mixing white, ivory and gold | Source

Originality and chic are the words that best describe her contemporary artistic creations, which are uniquely beautiful. Colors like white, ivory and gold are often mixed together, creating an elegant combination.

Another beautiful dress sold at discount sample price
Another beautiful dress sold at discount sample price | Source

Elika in Love is an Etsy shop run by designer Hrissa Soumpassis. Her desingns are bohemian and romantic, but yet look original and sophisticated. The designer uses very fine materials such as silk, silk chiffon and quality fabrics including stretch lace and cotton blend fabric. Prices range from 850 USD to 1,380 USD. Elika in Love is a great shop to visit, especially if you are planning a beach wedding, since the dresses look ethereal and breezy, ideal for summer season.

All credits to ElikaInLove and Hrissa Soumpassis
All credits to ElikaInLove and Hrissa Soumpassis | Source

ACreativeAtelier is the Etsy shop of bridal boutique called APILAT creative atelier, that is located in Tbilisi, Georgia (Europe). The designers also run another shop in Kiev.

If you are seeking for a classic white wedding dress it is the right place. You can choose among a variety of long as well as short beautiful wedding dresses. The designs are timeless and could suit to most kinds of weddings.

All dresses are in pure white, while lace and crepe is prevalent. Most dresses are designed in a column/sheath line, however you can also fine dresses designed in a trumpet line and mermaid line, as well as A-line silhouette dresses.

Simple and elegant fitting knee-length wedding dress
Simple and elegant fitting knee-length wedding dress | Source
This shop also offers custom options.
This shop also offers custom options. | Source

This stunning UK based Etsy shop offers gorgeous dresses at a very wide price range. In fact, you can buy a beautiful beach for under 200 USD or a luxurious alternative wedding dress for over 2,000 USD!

The dresses look classy and very theatrical... Many of them look vintage and alternative inspired, with a romantic touch. However, the shops also sells also some classic and simple gowns that you may also love.

Another significant feature of La Costuera shop is the ability to customize a dress. The designer also allows you to order a dress especially designed for you with the fee of 100 USD.

Ting Bridal is a Washington based Etsy shop that creates lovely, cute romantic dresses. The dresses look adorable in their light pink and ivory colors. The designer uses more affordable, synthetic materials, but if you would like a silk dress you can make a custom order. However, the dresses already seem to be of great quality. Tulle and lace are present in the majority of the dresses creating that romantic look.

A fairy, ethereal dress in light pink and ivory
A fairy, ethereal dress in light pink and ivory | Source

The designer owning the shop, Ting, creates a special line with fairy gowns as well as bohemian gowns which look really pretty. Most expensive dresses cost 2,000 USD and you can buy a sample size dress for only 500 USD if you are sure it will fit you!

If you are looking for a beautiful, simple wedding dress for under 500 USD, visit this shop. The designer creates lovely wedding dresses at really affordable prices, without making low quality imitation dresses with cheap appearance. So if you are on a tight budget you won't have to sacrifice quality and end up with an ugly cheap dress ordered from scam websites. The designer Karin creates her own amazing designs and sells them at really low prices and that's the great thing about this shop! The dresses look very light, comfy, well-fitting, but mostly beautiful!

This is a beautiful design sold for only 299 USD
This is a beautiful design sold for only 299 USD | Source

RAWRAGS is an amazingly unique Etsy shop! The designer Pia creates gorgeous, originally upcycled wedding dresses. Her creations are original and stunning, combining many different materials, new and old, from silk and lace to tulle and rhinestones. Color combinations are also great. The designer prefers mostly earthly colors and generally colors inspired from nature. For this reason, the dresses and creations look really compatible with natural landscapes... If you plan to marry in an outdoors location that look quite wild and unspoilt, I believe these dresses are the best choice. They will make your wedding reminiscent of a fairytale...

One of a kind upcycled wedding dress, combining different materials, colors and styles
One of a kind upcycled wedding dress, combining different materials, colors and styles | Source

Maria Arciero Couture is a formal apparel Etsy shop located in Montreal, Canada, run by designer Maria Arciero. Wedding dresses are handmade and look really fashionable, luxurious and seductive, while they are made with fine quality materials. Prices range from 900 USD to 4,400 USD.


A French designer Etsy shop that sells wedding dresses in classic designs, some of which a tea-length, made from fine materials such as silk, chiffon and lace. The dresses appear really formal, luxurious and beautiful. Highest price is 2,836 USD and lowest price 481 USD.


MoMo SoHo is a uniquely amazing shop that creates original and artistic tie-dye wedding gowns, among other gorgeous tie-dye garments. Those one-of-a-kind wedding gowns are made of fine satin or silk materials creating a shiny and bright effect along with the beautiful color combinations. Prices range from 595 USD to 1,250 USD.

All credits to photographer Sandy Ramirez and MoMo SoHo !
All credits to photographer Sandy Ramirez and MoMo SoHo ! | Source

All the credits from the amazing photo above go to MoMo SoHo and the photographer Sandy Ramirez!

You can also watch MoMo SoHo's movie on youtube: MoMo and of course like page on Facebook:

Gorgeous detail from a vintage 40's wedding dress...
Gorgeous detail from a vintage 40's wedding dress... | Source

If you are serious about getting married in an authentic vintage dress Crush Vintage may fulfill your wish, because this shop lists a wide variety of vintage dresses and gowns from different past decades to choose from. Additionally, the dresses seem to be carefully selected and of course, in a great condition!

Yasmine Layani from Tel Aviv, Israel is a designer that runs her owns Etsy shop, apart from website. She specializes in creating original wedding gowns and also wedding accessories. Some wedding dresses are very affordable (prices range from 690 to 890 USD), but yet look very classy and elegant.

An original wedding dress with fringes.
An original wedding dress with fringes. | Source

There are also more expensive items from around 1,500 USD to 2,000 USD. Actually, there is a skirt that is a pure work of art and is sold for 2,000 USD. You can wear this gorgeous skirt over a simple wedding dress and then remove it for the party/event after the wedding ceremony.

A gorgeous wedding skirt for 2,000 USD.
A gorgeous wedding skirt for 2,000 USD. | Source
All credits to PureMagnoliaCouture
All credits to PureMagnoliaCouture | Source

This is a Canada based wedding apparel shop. And what is so special about this shop? Well, all dresses are eco-conscious, made of recycled, organic and natural materials... Well, this is not the only reason to consider this shop as a source for your big day dress. Their designs are also stunning and timeless. You can get a knee length wedding dress for 750 USD but most wedding dresses cost between 1,000 USD and 2,000 USD. Pure Magnolia is a definitely worth visiting place to seek for the right wedding dress.

One of the most beautiful dresses (and photos)...
One of the most beautiful dresses (and photos)... | Source

This cute U.S. based shop sells many adorable short modern wedding dresses and also lists many beautifully created bridal accessories such as garters, belts, headpieces and veils. Most of the dresses are relatively simple modern designs, in pure white color. Prices range from about 450 USD to 600 USD. So dresses are really affordable, but yet really pretty, fitting any modern wedding.


So, these are some of many great Etsy shops you can buy your Etsy shop. Please, order your dress at least 6 months before your wedding dress, because the designer has to sew it at your measurements and of course ship it to you! If you are looking for a last minute solution it is a good idea to order a sample dress, but still you have to consider the time it will take to arrive. Always read very carefully each designer's order instructions! Since some designers accept custom orders try to be clear and find some time to take your own measurements. Since you are shopping online and not having an appointment at an atelier, you have to let the designer know a lot about your body shape and size, in order to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings and frustration...

All the shops mentioned above have really good ratings and I have managed to include the links and photos in my article thanks to each shop owner's permission. I am really grateful for their permission, their trust and their kind replies to my messages...

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