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Wedding Proposals - Wow Her Off Her Feet

Updated on April 29, 2012

Wedding Proposal Ideas that will Wow her off her feet.

Need wedding proposal ideas for what might be the biggest moment of your life? How do you pop the question? You want the moment to be special, unique, exciting, and heart-pounding. You want her to well up with tears in her eyes and shout out, "Yes".

Ask anybody who is married to remember the day and the place that they proposed or were proposed to and 9 times out of 10 they will give you all the details as if it were yesterday. They'll recall what they were wearing, where they were, who was around them. It won't even matter to them if it was exciting or boring, it is a special moment in one's life.

Get as many ideas as you can before you decide how you're going to propose to her. You may think a girl jumping out of a surprise cake with a sign might be the way to go, but think about the things she likes and what moves her. Make it an emotional and happy moment full of excitement and suspense. Play on her emotions.

Do you remember certain moments in your life and not others? The events that you remember involve fear, excitement, crying, laughter, all the things that deal with your emotions. Catch her off guard. Do something that is not the normal you. She'll remember the moment forever. She'll know the exact words you spoke and what her first reactions were to your wedding proposal. Ten years from now, she'll recall what she was wearing and what you were wearing. She'll remember the exact moment of her wedding proposal all the days of her life, until she breathes her last breath.

As a male, you have to know how to wow her. It might not seem like a big deal to you, asking her for her hand in marriage. You might remember most of it and you'll definitely remember what she said in response. But you won't run home and call all your guy friends and cry all over again. Make it fun for you. If you really care for her and you love her, it will be just as exciting for you, just in a different way. When the magic moment comes, your emotions are high and playing off of her responses to your plan and the way you are building up to the big moment. Your heart will be pounding and your palms will be sweating and you'll want to pop the question and it will feel like your mouth has cotton balls in it as you stumble for the right words. Don't psych yourself out of it. Will she say yes, or will she say no? Thoughts of rejection can begin to fill your head, but you'll usually know when it's the right time to ask her. You can build up to it for days, hours or minutes and it basically comes down to four little, powerful words. Will You Marry Me?

Set the mood and the place and describe how it happened.

Do you remember where you were on the day of your wedding proposal? - Give a city, state and or country or landmark. ie at Disneyland or on the beach.

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    Go Green Wedding Proposals

    • Take her on a ride on your motorcycle
    • Ride off into the sunset and take a picnic dinner. Don't forget the champagne.
    • Go for an overnight stay at a nearby camp site. Get romantic as you build a fire and cozy up to each other. Pop the question over s'mores and marsh mellows.
    • Make her a favorite homemade dish. Cook in the kitchen and invite her to join you. Add a little flair by wearing only his and her aprons and nothing more.

    Travel to Exotic Places

    • Visit one of the romantic Hawaiian Islands.
    • Travel down to Cancun or Puerta Vallarta and propose over the border.

    Visit a Local Landmark - Propose at the same location or atmosphere as when you first met.

    Do you remember where you were when you first met? Set up the same situation again, only this time, propose to her. Go a step beyond what you did the first time and build on it. If you met at a landmark such as Disneyland or the river or beach, head back out there. Bring out those same feelings that you both had when you first met.

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