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The Right Tuxedo Rental Shop Can Help You Arrive to Weddings in Style

Updated on October 17, 2012

Each year thousands of American couples get married, frequently vowing before family and friends to love one another for life. Although asking someone to marry you can be an anxious and exciting moment, especially as you await your romantic partner’s response, few events are as detail laden and eventful as your wedding day.

Flowers, food, desserts, decorations, guest invitations and gifts have to be chosen and/or sent. Wedding attendees, including flower girls, ushers, best men and grooms men, also need to get fitted for dresses, gowns and tuxedos. The right tuxedo rental shop can help make the process of preparing for your wedding smoother.

Choosing the Right Wedding Tuxedo

If men who are invited to witness relatives and friends exchange marriage vows work with reputable tuxedo rental shops, they can arrive to weddings in style. They can also get fitted for the right tuxedo, one that fits their frame comfortably. Because experienced staff members at tuxedo rental shops understand how certain types of fabrics and stitching looks on a man, they can save grooms, best men, ushers and other males attending weddings valuable time.

Tuxedos and suits at rental shops come in classic black, classic grey and classic white, offering an unforgettable style and elegance. There’s the classic full dress tuxedo developed by renowned fashion designer, Perry Ellis. These comfortably fitting tuxedos are made with tropical weight wool. For an added touch, men can rent accessories like a luxe microfiber shirt and a bow tie.

The broader the range of tuxedos available at tuxedo rental shops, the easier it may be for men to find a tux that’s just right for them. Major fashion designers and manufacturers who rent and sell their tuxedos and suits through quality rental shops include After Six, Perry Ellis, Calvin Klein, Joseph Abboud, Ralph Lauren, Savvi, Fabian, Joe West and Jean Yves.

Partnering with the Right Tuxedo Shop to Ensure a Stylish Wedding Success

In order to save time searching for a tuxedo that fits a man’s personality, taste and body build, tuxedo rental shops have made their fashions available online as well as at their brick and mortar stores. These quality tuxedo rental shops allow men to try their tuxedos and suits on for free. All a man has to generally do is contact a shop and schedule an appointment to try on a tuxedo or suit and get fitted.

Depending on the tuxedo rental shop male wedding guests partner with, they can also receive steep discounts on rentals. For example, some rental shops offer as much as 40 percent off on rental tuxedos and suits. In some instances, grooms can rent their tuxedo or suit for free. To narrow the style and name brand suit or tuxedo they want to rent, men can window shop for these upscale fashions online. There’s no charge to access the websites, and men can spend as much time as they want looking through the elegant and classy offerings.

Take Advantage of Added Tuxedo Rental Shop Wedding Benefits

As an added benefit, top tuxedo rental shops accept suit and tuxedo measurements over the Internet. Brides and grooms can also request free fabric swatches to help them pick the perfect vest for their groomsmen.

Engaged couples who are ready to start getting their groomsmen fitted for luxury and style, can create free accounts at online tuxedo rental shops. They can also register their weddings online and start exploring fashions for women who will be a part of their special day. Groomsmen gifts, ties, suits and tuxedos for ushers and best men are also available.

There’s so much to do as you prepare for your wedding, a special day that will stand out in your memory for the rest of your life. Consider saving yourself time, effort and money by working with a reputable tuxedo rental shop. Partner with an experienced certified formalwear consultant at the shops to make the days leading up to your wedding stress free and rewarding.


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    • denisewrtr37 profile image

      denisewrtr37 5 years ago from Philadelphia

      Thanks, Suzettenaples!

    • suzettenaples profile image

      Suzette Walker 5 years ago from Taos, NM

      Great advice and tips for renting tuxedos. Very throrough, interesting and informative. Voted up and shared!