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What Are The Benefits Of Almond Oil For Skin And Hair?

Updated on December 5, 2011

Why Almond Oil?

Let's talk about the benefits of almond oil for skin and hair. As may be you know almond oil is obtained but pressing the two types of almond seeds - sweet and bitter. There is a cold and hot pressing, and you need to make sure you get cold pressed oil as it keeps all the good elements in it. The resulting product after pressing is a clear transparent liquid of yellowish tinge, without any smell and pleasant-tasting.

There is a very high concentration of linolenic acid glyceride, triolein, tokosterol, amygdaline and phytosterols in almond oil, as well as vitamin E which is responsible for cell aging prevention, skin inflammation; almond oil is also rich in vitamin F, which prevents the appearance of enlarged pores, normalizes the sebaceous glands, keeps elasticity and shine of hair and promotes their growth. So as we can see almond oil is very beneficial for our skin and hair. Let's go into details a bit.

Almond Oil Hair Benefits

Almond oil is one of the most powerful natural substances that can strengthen our hair and promote hair growth. The oil is able to nourish the hair, increase their elasticity, flexibility and shine.

How To Use Almond Oil For Hair?

It's simple; put some almond oil on a comb - actually you can use either pure oil or add some other oils to it (5 drops of other oil per each 10 ml of almond oil). Comb your hair with the oil 2-3 times a day.

In case you have oily hair, use pure almond oil to rub it into your hair (use several drops of the oil) before you wash your hair.

For dry hair, do the same procedure as with oily hair, but rub the oil after you washed your hair, when they are wet and warm.

Almond oil for eyelashes

Yes, the oil can be used for eyelashes too. To make your eyelashes soft and fluffy, use almond oil on them; it can prevent eyelashes fall and promote their growth in length and 'volume'.

Nature's Alchemy Sweet Almond Oil, 100% Pure, 16 fl oz

(473 ml)

The oil is vastly used to improve the look and feel (as well as the health) of our skin. The best thing about almond oil is that it is safe, effective and pleasant! The oils can soften your skin, moisturize it and protect it from harmful external conditions. Your skin looks greasy after using almond oil on it? No problem, take a napkin and remove any oil residues from your skin. But do it only after you have gently rubbed the oil into it to make it possible for the oil to get absorbed by the skin.

Almond oil is a common ingredient in many skin care products. The oil doesn't cause an allergy reaction and never irritates your skin. In addition to this almond oil has powerful regenerating and calming properties.

Do I sound too official? I hope I don't! But well, nevertheless, I personally use almond oil for skin and hair care and I actually love it. As I mentioned before, choose the oil wisely; it is not expensive, but you need to get pure, cold pressed oil that retains all its powerful ingredients. One tip: if your skin is too sensitive, try do dilute pure almond oil with other essential oils to give it even gentler effect. Don't worry about any side effects of almond oil as there are hardly any of them, since the oil is completely natural product. Get a real product to reap the full benefits of almond oil.

If you buy a skin care product with almond oil make sure the product's other ingredients do not reduce the power of the oil. How do you know? Well, try to use products with mostly natural ingredients. Sometimes we think that modern cosmetics products are just great, and it is so, indeed (not all of them, though), but if you want to get the full potential of such natural gifts as almond oil, it is better to use products with other natural ingredients that will enhance the almond oil's properties.

Since the colder season comes to the Northern hemisphere, almond oil will be a good companion for your skin, especially when you are outside as it will nicely protect your skin from cold and wind. Buying almond oil is a really good investment into the health and look of your skin.

Few More Words

It is always a good idea to use natural products to take care of your health and look; ultimately it is all about the better you, your life and everything that comes with it.

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