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What Are The Most Comfortable Heels

Updated on September 26, 2014

Guide To The Most Comfortable High Heels For Women

The question of what are the most comfortable heels came up recently in a discussion I was having with a friend. I have something called fallen arches, most commonly known as flat feet and because of this slight problem with the feet, it is rather difficult to find comfortable shoes that fit easily, especially if they have higher heels.

Still, I don't want to give up wearing high heeled shoes just because of this slight problems, so I've been looking into finding the most comfortable heels that I can wear for several hours, for example when going to work. These shoes needed to have at least some degrees of high heels because, well, I love this type of footwear.

My friend doesn't have flat-feet, but she told me that she has a life long struggle to find THE right size that also look good when worn.

So even if you don't have any problems with your feet, I think the idea of finding high heels that don't hurt is worth exploring for most women. Thus I'm going to share the information that I found through my research and the shoes that I'm most likely to use throughout the day and evening, with prices that usually can't be beat by local stores.

In the image above: Donald J Pliner Women's Ville Pump, extremely comfortable, looking great too, without breaking the bank

comfy heels
comfy heels | Source

Do Comfortable Heels Actually Exist?

Now I'm nothing special by any means, and my legs are not gorgeous either. I'm simply an average sized girl with average legs that actually look better in high heels than in flats. I guess most of us do.

The problem is that when I wear a new pair of shoes that have high heels, my feet start to hurt quite fast, in a few minutes actually. My toes hurt, my heels hurt and I have uncomfortable feeling when walking, like I want to take them off and walk barefoot, even when I'm on the street. And that's after buying a pair costing me over $100, which is not small money in this tight economy.

So at some point I asked myself: are there any comfortable heels, do they exist or it's all just a myth? There is clearly something to it, I see friends walking over 5 hours in one pair of heels that are so high and pointed that I'm wondering how they're not toppling over. And they don't. So what the catch?

Some of my friends told me a few things that apparently make for great footwear as in the most comfortable heels to have:

* First of all the heels should be chunkier, wider. So in this case even if the heels are 4 inches high, because the weight of the leg gets distributed nicely over a wider area of the shoes, you can actually wear them for quite some time.

* Second, they should have a platform, a cushioned foot bed if you like, and this feature combined with the wider area of the heels make them wearable for quite some time.

* Finally the quality of the shoes should be good. We all want to save money, but going for really cheap trendy shoes that we know in our minds and hearts that are cheap for a reason, will really hurt our feet in the long run. At least when it comes to comfy shoes, paying for a good brand is really worth the money spent on them.

The reason is that a truly well made pair of shoes will give the feet and legs additional support (don't forget, the shoes we wear support our entire body!), they give stability, and of course, that very much eluded comfortable feeling. And it's quite easy to see that right when trying on the shoes because they have this tendency to mold to the feet like a perfectly matched glove.

Is This Girl Comfortable In THESE High Heels?

Is This Girl Comfortable In THESE High Heels?
Is This Girl Comfortable In THESE High Heels? | Source

Some Of The Most Comfortable High Heel Pumps

When you are investing in a pair of comfy high heels in pumps, the main trick is to look beyond just the price. Granted, price is important because usually it calls for quality, but also look for all the other ingredients I mentioned above and how they feel to you. Don't be fooled into thinking that the higher the heels, the better you will look with them on - it might be true, but your legs and feet - and your whole body will NOT thank you for it.

With brand names like Nine West, Kalvin Klein and others, there are many shoes that will look good when worn and they're really comfortable to have them on for several hours during the day, not only for a few minutes when you're at a special party.

From the many shoes that I bought and checked out over time, here are some of my favorites. I hope you will like them too.

I love the Nine West Austin pumps - I actually love the Nine West brand overall and here is why.

The pumps are extremely comfortable - for real. They look great on the feet and there are so many different designs available, that it's almost crazy. Hint - have you checked out the Blissfully Pump colorful pump? Cute and sleek too.

When I put on the pumps to walk around, I felt like I had feathers on my feet, not high heeled shoes. They molded right to my legs and my heels didn't feel any resistance whatsoever.

Personally I love this pair, it's actually one of my favorites. Have you tried them so far?

LifeStride Women's Parigi Pump
LifeStride Women's Parigi Pump

Speaking of pumps, this is another cute little pair that I love - btw here you see the red shoe - I have them in black, but you can find them in about 9 or so different colors. I'm just rather classic in style with black because they go well with pretty much any clothes I wear.

The heels are not overly high, but they're not low either. The joints have quite a strong stiching that will make the shoes last, and the actual soles are comfy to wear in the town during the day for quite some time before I get the first signs of tiredness at all.

I think it's a great pair, and it gives the feet and legs a nice overall look that goes well even for a wedding party.

matching high heels
matching high heels | Source

Finding High Heels That Don't Hurt Your Feet

Tips For Getting The Best High Heels For Comfort

We've established above that some of the most comfortable high heeled shoes have a few common characteristics, like being made of high quality materials, having wider heels and a platform, a cushion as it were, should help make you feel good when walking with such pumps around the whole day long.

However there are a few additional things you can pay attention to - or do - to get the best out of your comfy wearables.

  • This might be obvious, but way too many people are wearing shoes that are either too big or too small. Especially about two sizes too big. I'm not sure where this trend is coming from - maybe girls think that guys love that - but it's wrong, no matter how comfortable the shoes feel initially just because they don't touch your toes.

    If they're too big, they're too big. The shoes have to be comfortable on your feet when you have the right size on. Don't try to cheat on the size, as you'll see how wrong they are for you once you've walked in them for the first few hours non-stop.

  • Once you bought the shoes (if online) or if you're in the store trying them on, don't be satisfied with wearing them for 3-5 minutes. Wear them for quite some time, walk around at home or in the store with them on until you either feel the pressure of them on your feet - or you simply forget you have them on. If the first happens, then ditch them.

    If the second happen, they're comfortable high heels and you have my blessing to wear them!

  • You might see everywhere you go women walking around in pumps, so you want to get them too. But they might not be your style at all. How about sandals, or wedges? They still have high heels and they might be more your style. So go with your gut, not necessarily with what is 'in fashion' right now.

  • When you try your new pair of shoes, check that they basically cover or cradle your heels. Even a few millimeters can make the difference between a comfy pair and one that you want to throw at the next person who annoys you.

  • Finally, are you doing it right? There is a way to walk in high heels and many women are doing it wrong. See the video below for some tips on how to wear your high heels and check to see whether you're one of the many who get it wrong.

Video Tips On How to Walk in Heels

Some Of The Most Comfortable High Heel Sandals

With summer right here, sandals are already more popular than pumps. Afterall it's hot and the feet need to breath. And while during evenings pumps are ok, during the day a pair of sandals can really be a godsent. Or not. Depending on whether you buy comfy ones or not.

Here are some of the most comfortable heels that I found that are quite good on many different types of feet (including flat feet like I have).

When it comes to sandals, I want them to be comfy, but also really pleasing to the eyes. My most favorite ones are with wedges, but when they're good, regular high heeled will do in a pinch as well.

This pair (I have black as well) is actually extremely modern, reminding me somehow of the cage Roman style with a very sleek look.

It is a very soft pair, one that you won't feel when walking for several hours in them. I think they're perfect to wear in the office, on the street and for a wedding as well. Elegant.

Aerosoles Women's Plush Around Wedge Sandal
Aerosoles Women's Plush Around Wedge Sandal

Speaking of wedges, the Aerosol brand is simply one of the best. I mentioned Aerosol for pumps, but they make great sandals as well with high enough heels to be elegant, but not as high as to make you feel uncomfortable.

I call them my walking sandals as I can practically go for hours - the entire day if needed - without my feet hurting me at all. I do believe though that wedges are more for me, so I'm trying to stick to them ore than the regular types of sandals.


And Now...Want To See The Most Uncomfortable High Heels - Like ever?

My first question when I saw this video was - is she constipated?

But no, it's really the high heels...

What Are Your Favorite High Heeled Types To Wear?

What Are Your Favorite High Heeled Types To Wear?

See results

Do You Like To Wear High Heels? - Or are more low heel shoes your type?

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    • clevergirlname profile image


      5 years ago

      Sometimes heels are good for me but generally sneakers. Educational article!

    • RadaFrancis LM profile image

      RadaFrancis LM 

      5 years ago

      Unless someone is forcing me I am not wearing the heels ahh!

    • chi kung profile image

      chi kung 

      5 years ago

      @ChristyZ: I totally agree with you!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I actually hate to wear high heels, but it is necessary at times. The lower the heel the better for me. You've listed some great comfortable options!


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