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Gifts Women Love That Make Them Feel Sexy

Updated on July 23, 2013

What to buy a woman that makes her feel sexy

As a Sex Therapist and relationship coach, I am asked by many men what special gift they can give their lovely lady to make her feel sexy and desireable. In this article I have picked out a few of my favorite recommend items, that I know most women will enjoy.

When a woman feels sexy, she is more likely to want to be passionate and appreciate her man on so many different levels, "why would you not want to indulge her." These gifts are not about celebrating a birthday or even a special occasion, but to say "hey beautiful lady I love you and I think that you are sexy" What women does not want to hear these words as you hand her over a sexy gift.


Candles that turn into warm massage oil

After you have given your woman the warm scented massage oil candle, then the fun can begin. Take the time to give it to her with the promise that you are going to use it on her. She will love the idea of being caressed by the warm soy oil that you drizzle onto her naked body. The warmth of the oil penetrates into the skin and makes it soft and supple.

A little drizzle on the breast area will warm that sensitive spot so that you can massage it in gently, creating arousal and passion in her. Continue to do this on her entire body and watch her squirm with desire.

Candles that turn into warm massage oil

Women love these candles because they are made from all natural soy, they smell amazing! When you light them, the glow is soft and sexy, then you can take the warm oil from the candle and drizzle it all over her body, and because it is natural soy it can really be all over her body.

Dawn Michael

Sex Therapy and Relationship coach

What better gift than help with more passionate sexual intimacy in your relationship. Sex counseling is a wonderful way to learn how to get in touch with each other in a more passionate way.

Shoes Shoes Shoes and more Shoes

Sexy shoes will make a woman's legs look fantastic and make her feel sexy. A great sexy pair of heels can add length to a women's legs and slenderness to her whole body. When a women walks in high heels her step slows down and her entire body moves differently adding the soft sexy side to her.

Communication surrounding sex

Men and women just do not think the same way, when it comes to sex, sexuality, sexual intimacy men and women both want that deep connection but go about it in different ways. When I work with couples to improve their sex lives, one of the basic issues is lack of communication surrounding sex. Couples have a difficult time talking about sex with each other. They many times assume that their partner should know what pleases them, but this is rarely the situation. When couple can take the time to tell each other what they like in the bedroom, then this can begin to open up the sexual intimacy between them.

I have lost count of how many couples say that, "I wish that my sex life was better, but how do I talk to my partner about it" The first step is to understand that asking if something feels good to your partner while making love to them it is a great way to break down the barriers of lack of communication. When couples visit me in my office we talk about sex, solutions, techniques and then they go home with an assignment, then come back and we talk about it. usually the process is slow to begin with so that the couple can get to know each other again. When the sessions are done most couples find a renewed sense of freedom and closeness that they never thought was possible in their relationship.


Sexy Lingerie

Sexy lingerie is something that a woman can have on under her clothing and know that at any moment if the clothe were taken off she would look hot.

The best part about lingerie is that a sexy outfit can accent a women's body in the right way, showing off her finer parts and hiding other areas that she may not want to show.

When buying her sexy lingerie think about what may make her feel beautiful and also that you find attractive as well. Many times women forget that men are visual and they do appreciate how a woman can be soft sensual and delicious in sexy outfits, this is also part of the fun to peal away the lingerie one piece at a time.

Womens Lingerie


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    • SimonJay profile image


      4 years ago

      Its funny how so many guys think women know how to please a man from experience the first time having sex with a new partner normally inst the best the more we get to know each other the better sex gets for both parties.


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