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Wish Pearl Pendant and Oyster Jewelry Sets

Updated on January 22, 2014

Wish Pearl Pendant Jewelry

What is Wish Pearl Jewelry? - It's a pendant, chain and oyster that you open yourself to discover a real freshwater or akoya pearl inside!

If you have ever visited places such as Orlando, Las Vegas or Hawaii, chances are you may have seen a Wish Pearl for sale in some of the shops. Wish pearls are cultivated freshwater pearls. They are sold as "mystery" pearls, in other words the recipient of the oyster doesn't know what shape or color pearl they receive until they break open the shell making the surprise element in this type of gift so popular.

Wish Pearl Oysters Jewelry Table of Contents

| The Oysters with Pearls | Pearl Information and buying guide | The Akoya Pearl | The Abalone Shell | The Barocque Pearl | The Biwa Pearl | Mabe Pearls | Tahitian Pearls | Pearl Grading System | Great Stories about Pearls! | Buy Pearls on ebay! |

Wish Pearl Jewelry

I love to share the story about how I started my online pearl jewelry business. You can also read about the many different pearls that are available and what to look for when purchasing these precious gems.

The Wish Pearl Jewelry Online Store

How I began my Wish Pearl Oyster Jewelry Business

Wish pearl pendants have a special meaning to me as it was the first gift I received from my husband while we were dating. Little did I know that several years later I would see them again while on vacation in Hawaii. It was at that moment that I had the idea that they would be a good product to market since they make such original gifts. Upon my return home, I immediately searched for some local suppliers. Not having much luck, the next step was to search online and through several emails back and forth to different companies finally found a few distributors. Today our online store offers one of the largest selection of Wish Pearl pendant designs, as well as bridal jewelry and fashion accessories.

To view our online catalog please visit our store THEWISHPEARL

Wish Pearl Gift Sets on Amazon

Make a Wish Pearl Helix Drop Pendant Jewelry Set
Make a Wish Pearl Helix Drop Pendant Jewelry Set

Wish pearl helix pendant; the perfect gift for that special someone

Be My Valentine Heart Pendant Jewelry Set with Cultured Pearl
Be My Valentine Heart Pendant Jewelry Set with Cultured Pearl

From my heart to yours; Give a beautiful wish pearl pendant set to your Valentine!

Sterling Silver Wish Pearl Jewelry Sets
Sterling Silver Wish Pearl Jewelry Sets

Sterling Silver Wish Pearl Jewelry Sets

The finest pearl jewelry and accessories at affordable prices

Sterling Silver Wish Pearl Sets


Product Description

These wish pearl jewelry sets are made of .925 sterling silver, are nickel and lead free. Pendants available in different styles.

The finest pearl jewelry and accessories at affordable prices

Wish Pearl Jewelry Gift Set


Product Description

We are pleased to offer beautiful Wish Pearl jewelry. This series comes with a rhodium plated pendant and nickel free chain. The pendants are available in many different designs. Wish Pearl jewelry sets make the perfect gift for many occasions, are educational and fun to open! Note: Gift box available in different designs and may not be exactly as shown..

The finest pearl jewelry and accessories at affordable prices

Dong Hui Wish Pearl Boxed Gift Sets - These Dong Hui Jewelry Gift Sets Come in Beautiful Packaging!

Often when you buy a piece of jewelry you then have to go looking for the right size gift box. No need to do that with these gorgeous Dong Hui Boxed Sets. The sets include a heart cage pendant, 17 inch chain and 5 freshwater pearls in a palette of colors, each color representing something different. The jewelry comes packaged in various colors gift boxes ready to hand over to the lucky recipient!

Open your own Wish Pearl Oyster! - Directions for opening a wish pearl oyster clam

A wish pearl is definitely a genuine pearl! The fun part of receiving a wish pearl gift set is the excitement and anticipation in opening you own wish pearl oyster. What will I get; white for wisdom, cream for success, peach for health, gold for wealth, or lavender for wisdom!

What are Wish Pearl Oysters?

Discover your fortune with Wish Pearl Oysters

Wish Pearl Oysters contain freshwater pearls that have been growing inside a mollusc for several years. They are sealed in a can containing a small amount of alcohol and water to keep them preserved for a very long time. Every wish pearl kit comes with an oyster waiting to be opened by that lucky someone. The color and the shape of the wish pearl is as special as the person receiving it!

Wish Pearl Oysters also make wonderful party favors on their own! Use them at birthday parties, as Christmas crackers, bridal showers souvenirs or even as a fundraising item! Teachers also use them to educate their students on the wonder of the pearl.

Sold in Sets of 5 or as many as you need!

Buy Wish Pearl Oyster Favors

Sterling Silver Pearl Jewelry Set


Product Description

Cultured freshwater pearl set Pearl teardrop shape size 7-8mm Length of earrings and pendant: 1 inch (2,5cm) Ring Size: 7,5 (US) P (UK) Metal: .925 sterling silver Pearls have very high luster and are 98% blemish free

The finest pearl jewelry and accessories at affordable prices

Best Gemstone Varieties - Is the Pearl your favorite gemstone?

What is your favorite gemstone?

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Pearls- the perfect choice for brides - Pearls are traditional, and still the best option

Nowadays there are so many choices for bridal jewelry but I believe that pearls are still the best option because of their beauty and femininity. What do you think?

Do you think that pearls are the perfect choice for brides?

Yes they are the best option

Yes they are the best option

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    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Very interesting, where are they cultivated?

    • irenemaria 5 years ago from Sweden

      My parents gave me a pearl necklace for my wedding =D

    • TabbyCakes 6 years ago

      Pearls are much better than diamonds! They are soft and elegant!

    • ohcaroline 6 years ago

      Excellent choice.

    • Dianne Loomos 7 years ago

      I think pearls are a beautiful choice for brides.

    • tandemonimom lm 8 years ago

      It's a classic!

    • Tarra99 8 years ago

      I wore pearls...I think it's a classic finishing touch for a bride.

    • the1sarge 8 years ago


    • julieannbrady 8 years ago

      Yes, I think pearls are the perfect choice for brides and for women in general! Today there is so much more than the traditional white pearl. Golden, chocolate, peach, pink black, peacock and more. It's like a rainbow of options.

    No there are other options available

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      • hayleylou lm 6 years ago

        I like a bit of sparkle on a Wedding day

      • cjsysreform 8 years ago

        I think it really depends on her personal style and what kind of jewelry will go best with her dress. But I agree that pearls are a lovely, classic choice. Akoya pearls are especially striking on women with dark skin and hair, because of the color contrast.

      Buy Wish Pearl Jewelry on ebay! - Great Deals on Wish and Love Pearls to be found!

      Wish Pearl Jewelry makes the perfect gift. At the Wish Pearl online shop we have a large collection of different designs of the wish pearl pendants. If you are hosting a fundraising event or if you have a long gift list, a Wish Pearl pendant set is an affordable way to go.