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What Purse Matches Your Style?

Updated on February 14, 2013

What Purse Best Fits You?

Ever wonder what purse will go with what occasion? How about if that clutch matches your style that day? I am going to introduce you to the most advanced guide to buying and matching your purse to your style and occasion.

Cross-over Cross Body Purse

A cross-over purse is more of a casual purse, they are very convenient to dig through and find what your looking for quickly. Coach sells an adorable purse like this (pictured). The upside to these kinds of purses is they are easy on your back and shoulders, they evenly distribute the weight of your purse so it doesn't irritate you or slide off your shoulder. Usually these bags will have an adjustable strap allowing you to choose where it rests on your side. These purses are great for camping, mall shopping, traveling, work, and basically anything that requires a lot of walking.

Hobo Purse / Bag

Now... these purses can't be worn just by anyone, oh no they require almost a hippie style. These purses are very layed back and casual, use one of these when going to the beach or even on your morning coffee run. If you have the right style it can also be your daily purse, the strap on the purse is very soft and dosen't create too much of a problem. Let me tell you the big secret to these, you can also cross them over! But don't confuse these with the over-shoulder purse.

Tote Bag Purses

Totes are acceptable when you have a lot of things you need to carry and not enough space in a regular size purse. Perhaps you are going to your child's soccer game and want to bring a few magazines, snacks, and whatever else, that would be the perfect excuse to carry around a tote. I always make sure to bring a tote to work with me to carry food, water, entertainment, sometimes even a change of clothes.

The Clutch / Wristlet Bag

A clutch is a very elegant purse to match any formal outfit. They sometimes will have a small strap on them and sometimes they are meant to just hold.

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