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Women T-shirts - What To Look For

Updated on April 9, 2014

Characteristics to Look For in Ladies T-shirts

One of the main characteristics that you will need to search for in women t-shirts is that it has the right size and style. There are so many types of women's t-shirts, such as:

  • vintage t-shirts
  • puff sleeves tees
  • sweatshirts
  • long and short sleeve t-shirts
  • polo shirts and so many others.

Other style of tees to look for are the different designers' t-shirts, some of which do not come so cheap.

T-shirts have brought in a new fashion trend of designers. Some companies allow their employees to wear promotional t-shirts at work. You can also get yourself funny tees, graphic tshirts, joke tees as well as corporate t-shirts. So tees have always been in fashion and will continue to be in trend.

Women Tees

Free Public Domain Photo
Free Public Domain Photo | Source

Checking the Size of Ladies' T-shirt

Many clothes retail shops offer many ladies' t-shirts and tops. There are so many things to look for when searching for ladies' shirts. The size should be what can fit your figure, the style should be the one that you can wear with confidence, the color should be right for your mood and the design should fit your preference.

Knowing your clothes size is very important for a perfect fit. You should be aware that different clothes designers measure their clothing in different ways. Many women make a mistake by not using the online retail shop clothes measurement chart to measure themselves before they place an order for such a t-shirt. It is essential that you make sure you get the correct size of the t-shirt of your choice.

Tshirt Color

Free to use public domain photo
Free to use public domain photo | Source

Looking For the Colors of Women Tshirts

Another thing to consider when searching for a t-shirt is the different colors of shirts, skirts, trousers and jackets that you already have in your wardrobe.

The color that you choose for your tees should be what you like and what can match your fashion combinations. If you want tol wear the t-shirt on casual occasions, then you should get the style and design that can go with casual skirts or jeans.

If however you want to wear the tees under your jackets as work wear, then you should make sure that the color and style will fit in with such corporate environment.

Wear T-shirt the Right Way

Casual T-shirt to Wear to Work

Nowadays, workplace fashion is becoming simple and this allows for casual dress codes.

So t-shirts should find an important place in your standard work wear wardrobe.

You can basically create different looks by wearing and layering different styles and colors of t-shirts on different working days.

Women should also look for t-shirts with high quality. High quality tees are the ones that will not wear and tear over a short period.

It does not have to be so pricey or exorbitant. High quality means simply well made t-shirt with the right and good fabric.

These are just a few things that you can look for in a high quality t-shirt: make sure that the neck and shoulders are taped, the collar and neckline are seamless.

Also make sure that the piece of the shirt that you select is stitched using double needle.

What Will You Look For In A T-shirt

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Recommended Fabric For Women T-shirts

T-shirts with 100% cotton jersey material that is pre-shrunk are recommended.

When you select the right t-shirt with the correct size, color, design and style, you are sure to be feel great and comfortable.


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