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What Your Ladies Watch Says About You

Updated on May 29, 2012

What Your Ladies Wrist Watch Says About Your Personality

Is your watch just a device for telling time? For many women, a watch is an extension of themselves acting as a one of life's useful tools, a way to express your personality through fashion, or perhaps your watch signifies a status symbol. In any case, ladies watches vary greatly in style, purpose, and price.

In this article, we'll discover what your watch says about you and hopefully give you some ideas to find the perfect watch for you. Read on to find out whether your a Time Keeper, an Adventurer, Hipster, or Debutant. As always, comments and thoughts are welcome! Time to get started!

The Time Keeper

You are the time keeper. You believe a wrist watch is for telling time and nothing more. A ladies timepiece is less about fashion and more about functionality. Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a watch when the $20 Casio at Wal-Mart performs the exact same function? So what if it stops working after a few years, I'll get another then and still be ahead.

The Time Keeper:

-Is practical and pragmatic.

-Is conservative with her budget, spending on experiences rather than 'things.'

-Does not judge others on accessories or outward appearance and associates with other like-minded individuals.

Low cost, functional watches for the Time Keeper include:

Geneva Platinum Women's Studded Wrap-around Watch

Casio Women's LDF50-7CF Pop Tone White Digital Watch

XOXO Women's XO111 Silver Dial Silver-tone and Pink Enamel Bracelet Watch

XOXO Women's XO7026 Silver Dial Silver-tone Charm Bracelet Watch

Timex Women's T2N652KW Weekender Fushia Slip Through Strap Watch

The Adventurer

Marcelo Terraza
Marcelo Terraza

The Adventurer needs a watch that can keep up with everything your throw at life. Whether its participating in a triathlon, trekking through South America, navigating an urban city, or taking that babysitting shift - you want a timepiece that can be there with you through it all. You need a something reliable, something comfortable, and something does a little more than just tell time. You appreciate a feature rich wrist watch and a look the compliments your active lifestyle.

The Adventurer:

-Is willing to spend a little more for added functionality and reliability.

-Doesn't mind getting her hands dirty and experiencing life to its fullest.

-Holds comfort as a high priority and is in touch with her physical self.

Watches that are suitable to accompany you in your daily adventures include:

Timex Women's T5H471 Ironman Triathlon 30-Lap Fast Wrap Watch

Tommy Hilfiger Women's 1781120 Sport Gold Toned Black Silicon Watch

Casio Women's BGA100-8B Baby-G Gem Dial Analog Sport Watch

Casio Women's BG169R-4 Baby-G Pink Whale Digital Sport Watch

Timex Women's T5K026 Ironman Sleek Digital Resin Strap Watch

The Watchery
The Watchery

The Top 4 Online Watch Stores

The Hipster

The Hipster wears her personality on her wrist. Your timepiece is an extension of yourself and is another way for you to express your creativity, passion, and fashion sense. You look for non-traditional watches that border on the quirky side of things. You sometimes forget that watches tell the time...because you have your phone for that.

The Hipster:

-Spends based on how much she wants something.

-Is conscious of the brand she buys and what causes it supports.

-Follows trending styles and is on the forefront of new fashion.

Some quirky women's watches for The Hipster are:

Freestyle Women's FS84862 Shark Clip Digital White Neon Nylon Watch

TKO ORLOGI Women's TK597-PGP Neon Slapper 3 Part Interchangeable Slap Watch

Nooka Unisex ZUB-ZIRC-NB-20 Zub Zirc Neon Blue PolyurethaneWatch

Deuce G2 Sports Watch

(Neon Green, Small)

Freelook Women's HA1431-2 Sea Diver Neon Yellow Band Yellow Dial Watch

The Debutant

Alex Bramwell
Alex Bramwell

The Debutant values the fact that a timepiece can do much more than tell time. A lady's watch is a status symbol, a major fashion accessory, and luxurious item to value and present your best to the world. Those that are able to afford the finest designer watches understand the joy and elegance that come with the privilege of a wearing an exquisitely designed timepiece made from the finest materials and care.

The Debutant:

-Wears her watch on special occasions as it is not merely a daily accessory.

-Puts great thought into her watch selection.

-Chooses a designer with a history and reputation in watch making.

Luxury ladies watches perfect for The Debutant are composed of:

Versace Women's 68Q70SD009 S009 Reve 3 H Yellow-Gold Plated Diamond Genuine Leather Watch

TAG Heuer Women's WV1410.BA0793 Carrera Diamond Watch

Chanel Women's H0970 J12 White Ceramic Bracelet Watch

Chopard Women's 278477-3001 Happy Sport Round II Diamond White Dial Watch

Cartier Midsize W69011Z4 Ballon Bleu Stainless Steel Watch


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Thoughts and Comments - What does a watch mean to you?

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    • Kara Hara profile image

      Kara Hara 5 years ago

      I am a time keeper. For me a watch is for telling time.