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Where Is The Best Place To Sell Used Clothes Online

Updated on April 30, 2015

Sell Used Clothes Online

Where is the best place to sell used clothing online?

At some point we all have a collection of used clothing we need to get rid of. Having a yard sale is not as easy as it used to be and when you only have clothing, it can be hard to get people to stop.

There are consignment shops but then you give up a large portion of the sale price. So what can you do with the used clothing you don't want or need anymore?

"Best Place to Sell Used Clothes Online"

Photo Courtesy of Shear's Branch Coopery

Where to Sell Used Clothes

Selling used clothing on eBay for Profits

So where do you sell your used clothes? You can always find a good charity to donate them to and feel like you have done a good thing, but many times charities are overrun with used clothing and really need more household items, food or just plain ole' cash.

So what other options do you have? You might be surprised to find out that selling used clothing on eBay can accomplish two things:

1.) You are able to get rid of your used clothing

2.) You can actually make money

"Where to Sell Used Clothes"

Photo Courtesy of Reviews eBay

Used Clothes For sale Online - What to sell on eBay...

Selling gently used clothing online is a win-win for both the seller and buyer. The seller is able to clean out their closets and make a little money and the buyer can find name brand clothing for much less than buying it retail. eBay allows people to connect all over the world which has created a huge marketplace for items like used and vintage clothing.

Remember there are items that can be hard to find in some places and there are styles that are no longer available retail. Whatever the reason, you might be surprised at the demand for good used clothing.

Tips and Success Stories for Selling Used Clothing on eBay - Do you have a success story?

Seeing real people share their tips on selling on eBay as well as the success they have experienced is a great inspiration to getting started!

Selling Online - Working from home can be a reality...

Selling online has created a whole new group of at home based businesses. In today's job market, more and more people have been forced to find new ways to make money and online buying and selling has skyrocketed.

"Selling Used Clothing Online"

Photo Courtesy of Internet Retailer

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Sell Used Clothes Online - Find out how to start a successful online business...

Selling used clothes online can turn into a full fledged business if you want it to. Don't know where to start? Find some great "How to Guides" on Amazon.

How to Sell Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories on eBay (Pocket Guides)
How to Sell Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories on eBay (Pocket Guides)

Selling your used clothing on eBay made easier with a guide full of useful tips to becoming a successful seller!


Tips to Selling Used Clothing on eBay

1.) Clean out your closets (no, I really mean all the things you DON"T wear)

2.) Examine for any damage, stains, or holes and be sure it is clean

3.) Take measurements and notes about size, color, brand and condition (remember to list any and all flaws)

4.) Take several pictures of the item, front, back sides, any damage or stains it may have

5.) Add you listing to eBay either via auction or fixed price

Make Money on eBay Selling New & Used Clothing, Toys, & Books An Easy How To Guide
Make Money on eBay Selling New & Used Clothing, Toys, & Books An Easy How To Guide

Looking for an eBook for your Kindle? This is the perfect choice for getting started learning how to sell used clothing online!


Marketplaces Make Selling Used Clothes Easier than Ever - Join in and start making money from home!

Used Clothing Market - Love wearing designer clothes for cheap!

"Thrift Store Junkie"

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

More and more people have started buying used clothing at Thrift stores, consignments shops, Goodwill stores and so on. I have always been a thrift store shopper, no only because it makes sense economically but because it's like going on a treasure hunt. So buying used clothing on eBay is like going on that treasure hunt without having to leave home. So people can save even more money by saving on gas and time.

So why not look at it from the other side and become a seller as well as a buyer? If you love fashion you may have found a way to start your own used clothing business and have fun!

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High Waisted Denim Shorts
High Waisted Denim Shorts

How To Sell Used Clothes Online

There are a few basics that will help you be successful when selling used clothing on eBay.

Pictures and Presentation: Taking good pictures is a key factor in being successful on eBay. And how you present your used clothing can mean the difference in selling it quickly or being stuck with it.

Descriptions: Giving honest descriptions of your used clothing is the best way to build your name as a trustworthy seller and to avoid returns or bad feedback.

Price Research: Researching similar items that have recently sold is a good way to determine how to price your used clothing on eBay.

This is not a complete plan but they are very important parts to selling anything on eBay!

Sell Used Clothing Online at Threadflip

Another option to sell your used clothing online might be Threadflip. They are a relatively new company but seem to have some great options for selling your gently worn items, especially if you really just want to get rid of a few items out of your closet and nothing else.

A little different approach than eBay but eBay is not always the best option for everyone. So take a look at the video below and see what you think. Threadflip may be more what you are looking for!

"Sell Used Clothing Online"

Photo Courtesy of Helium Magazine

Threadflip Review - Sell Your Used Clothing Online

We have all been here....

We have all been here....
We have all been here....

What to Sell on Ebay - Used denim-jeans, jackets, shorts...

Denim is always a good choice when deciding what kind of used clothing to sell on eBay. There is a market for all kinds of denim, various brands, old and new and all sizes of jeans, shorts, jackets, shirts and so so. So get to work! I am sure you have some hanging in your closet that you have not worn for more than a year.

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    • profile image

      DONNA VAUGHN 2 years ago


    • Kailua-KonaGirl profile image

      June Parker 4 years ago from New York

      I use to sell on eBay, but have given it up. They are no longer cost effective for me. IMHO some of their new rulings are not in the interest of the seller, but back up the scammers instead. I had not heard of Threadflip before so will look into it. Thanks for the updated info.

    • sbconcepts profile image

      sbconcepts 4 years ago

      @goldenrulecomics: I was in that same spot a few years ago and finally just walked away from it. Then about a year and half ago, I got inspiration again and re evaluated what I could sell that would have the least risk of bad feedback and was easy to ship.

      I don't regret it and am looking forward to continued growth. I know it has many challenges including the ever rising postal rates but I really like working from home. So that coupled with my Squidoo lenses, I hope to continue to move upward. Wish you lots of luck and thanks for stopping by!

    • goldenrulecomics profile image

      goldenrulecomics 4 years ago

      We find selling a hit-or-miss adventure on eBay, and postal costs keep going up, so I'm not sure how much more time we will devote to it.