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10k White Gold Round 7-Stone Ring

Updated on October 2, 2013

10k White Gold Round 7-Stone Ring

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What is so Special About The 10k White Gold Round 7-Stone Ring.....

Believe it or not there are very few times when we purchase something which we recommend to other even when we are happy with our purchases but the 10k white gold round 7-stone ring I purchased from Amazon last month has been one of those items for me. My husband, my girlfriends, my co-workers and almost everyone else has had to put up with me happily chirping away about this one purchase and since they are getting tired of me I figured I might as well share it with the online community.

I am going to do the opposite of most reviewers and sum up the good and the bad at the top of this review to make it easier for those skim reader;

The 10k white gold round 7-stone ¼ cttw ring is;

  1. A simple yet elegant ring that is beautiful and yet can be worn even in some unfavorable conditions. You won’t have to worry about getting it wet (which I was worried about for some reason)
  2. It has a very beautiful design that is unique without being loud.
  3. It is available at Amazon for a discounted price (purchased Feb, 2012) with a saving of $404 which even if exaggerated from the regular pricing is a significant saving
  4. The reviews by customers on Amazon (yes that is the beauty of Amazon) convinced me to buy and I am glad I did. By purchasing at Amazon you ensure you get the real thing and avoid being scammed.
  5. The diamonds sparkle in almost every light condition making the ring look elegant when going out for an evening event
  6. Confirm your ring size if unsure before purchasing online
  7. It has that look and feel of a promise ring which makes it that much special for me (some people may not like this so it is worth noting).

The 10k white gold round 7-stone Rests atop a smooth, square-shaped corner, white gold band, that is an impeccable display of seven round diamonds. The diamonds sit in a shared prong setting which showcases their timeless cut from all sides. The diamonds featured in this band hold 1/4 cttw, feature near colorless stones and I3 ranked clarity. The tried and true beauty of this seven stone ring makes a wonderful gift as a wedding band, anniversary present, or to just show your love.

This ring has a nice presence for its relatively small size. The diamonds are great for the price - very fiery if not crystal clear. It sparkles beautifully in almost every light condition. On my hand, the diamonds reach across the entire front of my finger, making it look like an eternity band.

When looking for a ring I didn't want to pay some of the outrageous prices in stores for rings that didn't even impress me. Though I was very skeptical about making a purchase of jewelry online at first, I decided to search anyway. I came across this particular ring and knew it was the one I had to get just looking at the image. It's the perfect balance of beauty and elegance, yet not overbearingly flashy. Also, the ring was very affordable with the sale price. When I finally received the ring it was all that I had hoped for! My only concern was that I was correct in the size I had chosen, and luckily I was. My significant other absolutely loves the ring which astounded me because he never seems to notice my jewelry usually.

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