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The reasons why I really love Crocs Shoes

Updated on January 14, 2014

Few years ago, I was in the hunt to find the most comfortable shoe (flat shoe) which was affordable, stylish and most importantly, I could wear it all-day long both indoors and outdoors. By "fate" (it feels like I'm talking about my partner here), I discovered "Crocs", a shoe brand which somehow reminds me of a crocodile. At that time I was wondering if they used crocodile's skin to make this shoe, but later on I realized that their iconic product line (Crocs Clog) resembles crocodile's snout. It's not a big surprise that many people thought it as the ugliest shoe they've ever seen. Rubber shoe? Ugly design? Forget it!

I believe beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Clog is definitely not the best stylish shoe, but the clog's bright colors won me over. My first crocs shoe was blue crocs clog, I bought cute jibbitz (cute shoe charms) which I put in the holes of the shoe.

After owning & wearing the clog for several weeks, I found out about Croc's flat shoes, Olivia Slingback Flat Shoe. Olivia is now my best friend! She has accompanied me every season - winters, summers, autumns, springs; during rainy & hot days. It's very lightweight and super comfortable. The footbed circulation is perfect for people who stand on their feet all day, because it stimulates the blood flow in our feet. No more achy feet because of standing and walking for long hours. The cushioning cradle my feet and I feel like I'm walking on the cloud.

Crocs is made of foam (Croslite) not a rubber, so it's lightweight, slip-resistant & durable. It's very easy to clean them. Just wash it with water & soap. It's quick to dry and odor-resistant.

The "claimed" slip-resistant sole is proven. My "Olivia", even after 3 years of continuous use, the sole is still pretty good so I'm still wearing it on rainy days. But beware if you buy the imitation ones, the sole will worn out quickly, making it unsafe to wear during rainy days as the sole will become flat and it'll be very slippery. (I confessed I bought the fake one before, simply because it's hard to find the real one in Australia few years ago; but I realized that it was a huge mistake). I will never buy the imitation one again, because although it's cheaper, I will throw it away in less than one year. The imitation Crocs is made of rubber, so it's heavier than the authentic one.

Photo Gallery

My Crocs Shoes Collection: Capri IV, Olivia & Clog
My Crocs Shoes Collection: Capri IV, Olivia & Clog

These three are my favorite Croc Shoes. I recently bought Capri IV because I was looking for a comfortable sandal that I can wear on hot summer days. The double-cushioned footbed making this sandal the perfect choice for all day comfort. The second one is my brown Olivia shoe, my best friend! =) And the last one is the first Croc shoes I bought - blue clog with 2 cute Disney jibbitz.

Recommendation - Crocs Shoes

Crocs Women's Capri IV Flip Flop,Espresso/Petal Pink,8 M US
Crocs Women's Capri IV Flip Flop,Espresso/Petal Pink,8 M US

I can vouch that Capri IV is one of the most comfortable sandal I've ever owned. It comes in many gorgeous color combination, starting from the espresso (white - chocolate) to a bright pink-brown like I owned.

Crocs Women's Malindi Flat
Crocs Women's Malindi Flat

Malindi has very similar style with Olivia, the only difference is it has more holes to give your feet more fresh air.

crocs Women's Cobbler Leather Clog,Khaki/Espresso,7 M US
crocs Women's Cobbler Leather Clog,Khaki/Espresso,7 M US

My wishlist, I'm planning to purchase this wedge heel next. I've heard many rave reviews that this shoe is very comfortable & warm, perfect for winter season.


Feel free to share your opinion about Crocs Shoes.

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    Donna Cook 3 years ago

    Great lens! I wear "mock" Crocs due to price. Love them and wear them every day.