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Wide Brimmed Sun Hat For Women And Men

Updated on October 13, 2014

Sun Protection With A Wide Brimmed Sun Hat

Wide brimmed sun hats can look stylish and be great to protect our face and neck from the harmful effects of the sun. A wide brimmed sun hat helps shield your skin. Sunshine is lovely but there are risks to being in the sun without adequate protection. Our faces and necks are particularly vulnerable and the skin there is often more delicate so a wide brimmed sun hat is one of the great ways of looking good and helping us to staying sun safe.

The sunshine and fresh air has many benefits and we should enjoy being outdoors, but we need to be sun aware and protect ourselves. No one wants wrinkles or leathery skin or skin that is sun damaged or even worse skin cancers. It is easy to pop on a nice hat and go about your day with out any of those concerns. Due to a recent serious skin condition I have to be very careful with my skin and wearing a wide brimmed sun hat is going to be a part of my outfits when its sunny anytime from now on.

Wide brimmed hats in general -and specifically dense weaved ones- offer us a way to help towards our important sun protection. They are generally better at protecting us from the sun than small brimmed or baseball styles- though any hat or head covering is better than none at all.

Here there is a selection covering mens and womens wide brimmed sun hats, travel sun hats and sun hats with sun protection factor built in. If you don't see any featured that you like or need you can easily go through to Amazon from any of the links here.

Image Credit Available To Buy From - 7" Crushable Ribbon Braid Sun Hat (Black)

Pretty Stylish Sun Hat

A very pretty wide brimmed sun hat.

In practical terms it will shield you from the suns rays and you will certainly look and feel very stylish.

This hat can take you anywhere from relaxing in your own garden to an event or occasion, even a wedding.

In a lovely easy neutral colour it will go with many outfits from the very casual to the most sophisticated and dressy.

Do You Like To Wear A Wide Brimmed Sun Hat?

Do You Wear A Wide Brimmed Sun Hat When Its Hot And Sunny?

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Mens Coolibar Sun hat

Coolibar is a name you can trust when it comes to sun protection. You get sun protection of UPF 50 with this style which is excellent.

You can go about your day and enjoy outdoor activities without having to even think about is you head protected from the harmful suns rays.

This practical hat even has a toggle you can wear under the chin so if you are out and about on a sunny yet windy day you will not lose your hat so easily

Travel Wide Brimmed Sun Hat

Why A Travel Wide Brimmed Sun Hat?

I have always worn a hat in the summer and I love my wide brimmed sun hats but they can be a pain if I am travelling anywhere. If I fold them up they never quite look the same again and can become very floppy!. So I keep those for use when I am going about my daily chores, going out for the day or in the garden etc.

Now more than ever, due to my skin condition, I need a wide brimmed sun hat pretty much all the time once it starts to get warm here. The sun hats with small brims do not give enough protection so that is not an option for me. If I need to actually pack a wide brimmed sun hat the best option is to go for a proper crushable or packable one.

Many people will especially need a wide brimmed sun hat if going on holiday to hot and sunny climates to give them additional protection from the sun, so a packable or crushable hat is always a necessity in the suitcase!

Miracle of Aloe the Traveller Hat the Big Hat - Hat Folds To Fit In Your Pocket!

This hat will fold up small enough to fit in your pocket!

A brilliant idea so you can always have a sun hat handy.

This hat enables you to have your sun protection any time whatever you are doing. Even if you didn't plan to be out and about for so long a time you will not suffer in the sun if you have this hat handy.

It has UV sun protection and is water repellent.

Crushable Wide Brimmed Sun Hat - Packable and sun protective very wide brimmed hat

sungrubbies Ribbon Braid 7-Inch Wide Brim Sun Protective Hat. Crushable and Packable Women Hat From (One Size Fits Most, Black)
sungrubbies Ribbon Braid 7-Inch Wide Brim Sun Protective Hat. Crushable and Packable Women Hat From (One Size Fits Most, Black)

Beautiful stylish black hat with a nice wide brim of 7 inches.With UPF50 it blocks 98% UV sun rays.


A Crushable Sun Hat.

With a UP50 protection this large brimmed sun hat in black would be lovely in itself.

It gives extremely good sun protection with its very wide brim and looks gorgeous too.

However it has the added benefit of being crushable.

This makes it just ideal for travelling, holidays and just simply carrying around.

Sloggers 442LB01 Women's Wide Brim Braided Sun Hat with Wind Lanyard - Light Brown - Rated UPF 50+ Maximum Sun Protection


Sloggers Original Women's Wide Brim Braided Hat with wind lanyard

Sloggers Women's  Wide Brim Braided Sun Hat with Wind Lanyard - Light Brown - UPF 50+  Maximum Sun Protection, Style 442LB01
Sloggers Women's Wide Brim Braided Sun Hat with Wind Lanyard - Light Brown - UPF 50+ Maximum Sun Protection, Style 442LB01

For people looking for a nice fitting hat with good sun protection at UPF50 and a wind lanyard this hat may be right for you.


Sun Hat With Wind Lanyard

A good basic neutral colour to take you anywhere.

This hat is great for outdoor activities, walking, watching the childrens sports, shopping or walking the dog.

Especially if it might be windy and sunny which often happens it has a wind lanyard which solves the potential problem of losing a wide brimmed hat in the wind!

With excellent sun protection this is a very useful and practical hat to keep you safe and protected and looking great.

Womens Wide Brimmed Sun Hats

Why A Wide Brimmed Sun Hat?

So why do I keep talking about a Wide brimmed sun hat? Well my main interest here is protection from the sun and to keep the skin as cool and safe as possible.

A wide brimmed sun hat will give you the most opportunity to keep you face and neck shaded or covered from the suns harmful rays in a way that the very small brimmed hats just cannot. From my research an absolute minimum brim of 3 inches is a necessity but the more inches added to the brim the better!!

One issue with very wide brimmed hats can be if you are out in the wind and the hat might blow off! I have rarely found this an issue with a well fitting hat but If this is an issue for you then opt for one with a tie to go around your chin or an adjustable tie around the base of the hat or a tie that goes around the hat which will usually solve the problem and give you the sun protection that you require.

Pretty and Stylish Wide Brimmed Sun Hat - Beautiful, practical and necessary wide brimmed sunhats.

Do check out these gorgeous sun hats. It makes sense to shield your face and neck from the suns rays whether you are just going about your day or need a gorgeous hat for a special occasion. I am wearing hats a lot more in the sunshine and need a variety and I do love ones with that extra lovely factor.

Pretty Wide Brimmed Sun hat

This hat is so pretty and if the colour is right for you and your outfit will look just stunning.

It frames the face beautifully and will be very flattering.

Such a gorgeous hat for those special occasions.

Beautiful Floppy Sun Hat

Another gorgeous very wide brimmed hat that would be just wonderful for a special occasion.

Love the pink flower appliques on the white background, it is just so lovely and will be beautiful with so many different outfits.

When Do You Wear A Sun Hat?

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Coolibar Wide Brimmed Sun hat

Sun Protection Factor In A Wide Brimmed Sun Hat?

If you are looking for maximum sun protection from a wide brimmed sun hat then maybe you should consider one that has a built in sun protection factor.

There are usually available at around factor 50.

This will offer you the best protection from the sun and they are available in lovely styles and colours.

Coolibar do a nice range and do look for it in other hats as well.

Coolibar UPF 50+ Women's Santa Cruz Sun Hat - Sun Protective Cotton Canvas Hat

I really like this hat. In 100% cotton and with a UPF of 50 and a wide brim of 4 inches it gives good solid sun protection qualities.

It is a very versatile sun hat being practical and very lovely yet understated. I love it in this colour but it does come in several other colours you will see if you choose to explore further.

Another great thing about this hat is that it is reversible! I love that about it. Especially these days with travel restrictions on luggage weight and wanting to travel light you get two hats in one.

Mens Wide Brimmed Sun Hat

Mens Sun Hat

Men need sun hats too! Whether you are just walking around or persuing a hobby or working outside for your job or a hobby or enjoying watching outdoor sports you also need to protect your face and neck.

If you are experiencing any areas of hair loss on the head it becomes even more important that you protect your scalp from the harmful rays of the sun.

Guys you need to take care of your skin on your face and neck just as much as the women so get your self a great hat.

Mens Practical Sun Hats With Wide Brim or Protective Flaps - Practical men's sun hat.

4 Panel Large Bill Flap Hat W15S48B (One Size Fits Most/Khaki)
4 Panel Large Bill Flap Hat W15S48B (One Size Fits Most/Khaki)

Very practical sun hat for men which is excellent protection for the neck.


Practical Mens Sun Hat

Just ideal for if you are fishing, hiking, working outdoors or even boating.

With a wide brim at the front and long protective ear flaps it will give very good sun protection.

Choosing a Sun Hat

You Need To Look After Your Skin - Skin Care For Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin or allergic skin you will know that it is even more important, essential even to care for your skin with excellent skincare, haircare and good practices and to wear a wide brimmed sun hat to protect your face and neck.

Thank you for visiting this page and having a browse of all the sun hats. Did you find one you liked?

I love to read your comments and thank you for taking the time. All comments are moderated.

Thank you

© 2013 RaintreeAnnie

Do You Like Wearing Wide Brimmed Sun Hats?

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    • RaintreeAnnie profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from UK

      Thank you for your visit. I love these hats and I always wear one when its sunny. Yes I think it is essential to wear a hat that protects from the sun. Glad to hear your husband is OK now and I totally agree with you to see a doctor if there are any changes in the skin.

    • Adventuretravels profile image


      3 years ago from UK

      These hats are so pretty. I love them but the serious side of protecting from the sun's harmful rays also make them an essential item. My husband had a cancer scare - the very first signs of possible skin cancer - he noticed some very dry sops on his head ( he's bald) that did not respond to moisturizers, so he went to the GP. He gave him some magic cream and all is well now, but he never goes out without hat now - in any weather! It was easily dealt with because we caught it early - go to your GP if you notice anything different about your skin.

    • LisaAuch1 profile image

      Lisa Auch 

      5 years ago from Scotland

      I love love love my floppy hats! these are essential to take on holiday! sitting by the pool reading my favorite book and my lovely floppy sun hat! I love some of these here!!

    • RaintreeAnnie profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from UK

      @CottageHomestead: Thank you, yes that Luxury Lane floppy hat is gorgeous!

    • RaintreeAnnie profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from UK

      @nightbear lm: Thank you, yes I love hats they can certainly complete an outfit and yes keep you sun safe :)

    • CottageHomestead profile image


      5 years ago

      OH! I do love these wide brimmed hats!!! The luxury lane hat at the top is my fav!

    • nightbear lm profile image

      nightbear lm 

      5 years ago

      I think hats are so stylish, and certainly protects your sensitive from the sun. Great lens!


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