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Top 5 Wide Calf Rain Boots

Updated on December 13, 2014

Rain rain go away--in style!--with these wellies

When cute wellie-style rain boots first hopped over the pond from the UK, I thought they'd be in vogue maybe two, three years. Was I ever wrong! These functional cuties have dug their heels in stateside, and luckily for the hard-to-fit, there are now excellent options for wide calf rainboots.

Here, my top picks for rain boots with over 15-inch calf circumferences -- plus a couple of stylish runners-up for legs just at the wide end of average.

(photo: the Puddles boot by Nomad)

** Before You Choose... **

Make sure to get an accurate measurement of your calf. It's not all that rare for one leg to be thinner than the other, so be sure to get that cloth or paper tape measure around each, and (if they differ) go with the larger of the two numbers. Best to get this info while seated, with both feet flat on the floor and legs relaxed, not flexed.

Spy Love Buy Wide Wellies

Flat Festival Wellies Knee High Rain Boots Leopard US 7
Flat Festival Wellies Knee High Rain Boots Leopard US 7

In black, green, navy and pink, plus several fun prints. Calf is 17 to 19 inches around, depending on size ordered, but a reviewer with 20-inch calves says they fit her (barely). Probably the most generously sized boot on this list.



At 16 inches around, these cuties bring the two-tone trend into rainwear, with adorable results. The only tough decision is picking from six great colors.

Chooka Women's Top Solid Rain Boot,Merlot,8 M US
Chooka Women's Top Solid Rain Boot,Merlot,8 M US

I love a functional buckle on a boot -- helps customize the fit to your leg.

Hunter HUntress
Hunter HUntress

Hunter Huntress

If only Hunter will do, the Huntress is the label's wide calf model, with a calf circumference of 16 1/2 inches. The classic trio of colors is black, green & navy, but you can also get these in a glossy black or red or (on sale! as of late June '14) a vibrant violet color. (Note: This brand + style generally runs 1/2 to 1 shoe size big, so order with that in mind....considering too whether you'll wear 'em just for rainy seasons or in winter also, with heavy socks or bootliners.)


I personally think Kamik makes some of the cutest wellies around--arguably as cute as my Hunters. But it's unclear whether they offer a true wide-calf boot. The most promising candidate at present appears to be the terrific-looking Jennifer, with a matte finish in five colors (the periwinkle-ish blue is particularly fun, though you can't go wrong with the neutrals). It offers two more inches of shaft height than the brand's sold-out "Ellie" (if that's your preference), along with the extra color options. It lists a 16 inch calf circumference, but some reviewers are skeptical, so check out their (extensive!) input. And if the boot fits -- definitely wear it!

Kamik Women's Jennifer Rain Boot,Black,8 M US
Kamik Women's Jennifer Rain Boot,Black,8 M US

The label's insignia on the side is a cute touch too.


The Tretorn Emelie

Tretorn Women's Emelie Rain Boot,Navy/Red,41 EU/10 B US
Tretorn Women's Emelie Rain Boot,Navy/Red,41 EU/10 B US

In black or olive,with a cute buckle at the back -- 16.5" around


What's in a name?

"Wellington boots" are named for Arthur Wellesley, first duke of Wellington (1769-1852), who popularized them among the British elite in the early 1800s. Early iterations--used for hunting & other outdoor pursuits--were modeled after Hessian boots, made of soft leather, and midcalf in height. The rubber version we now know & love was developed in the mid 1800s and caught on instantly with farmers, who welcomed the chance to trade soggy wooden clogs for waterproof footwear and clean, dry

The Nomad Puddles

Nomad Puddles Red Paisley M 9 Ladies Rubber Rain Boots
Nomad Puddles Red Paisley M 9 Ladies Rubber Rain Boots

In over 30 wild and crazy (and some classic) designs. 15 1/2 inches around. I especially like the animal, chevron and argyle prints and some of the paisleys.


Wellies -- what's the attraction?

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Any of these styles strike your fancy?


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    • verymary profile image

      Mary 4 years ago from Chicago area

      @verymary: ps the Jileon boot also goes up to 20" calf

    • verymary profile image

      Mary 4 years ago from Chicago area

      @anonymous: Hi Ashley -- the only rainboots I've found so far that meet your criteria which are the Spy Love Buy ones, which are 18 in. around at sz 7. I do wish there were more choices, but luckily, that one does come in a few colors & is reasonably priced.

      Given the popularity of Hunters, it seems like a no-brainer for them to put out a wider version of the Huntress - but not gonna hold my breath on that :(

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I don't understand how you can call so many of these boots "wide calf" considering that the majority are only 15 - 16 inches in circumference. Companies advertise these calf sizes as wide calf but it is very frustrating because a 13" calf is found in a size 6/7 but for anyone needing a larger foot/calf size, a true wide calf boot has to be a minimum of 17" and trust me, that extra inch makes a BIG difference! People who have 18" and larger calf sizes still can't fit into any of these boots!

    • HonoluluMom profile image

      HonoluluMom 5 years ago

      Love the crocs jaunt wellies. So cute. I want 'em in yellow like the ones I had as a girl.