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Winter fashion essential items that are needed in your wardrobe - Guide for women

Updated on January 29, 2012

Winter is my least favorite season out of the whole year. Being in Southern California for so long makes me forget the colder days in my homeland. However, fashion will never rest and we should all have winter essential items in our wardrobes. These pieces will not only keep us very warm but stylish at the same time. Read this hub if you love winter fashion or just fashion in general.

Mukluk fur boots – These boots are crafted by Native Americans with their traditional boots making skills. These shoes are very cute, ethnic, detailed, warm and well made. Those that want a twist on their footwear for winter should definitely look into these. Mukluk fur boots are very nice alternatives to the extremely popular Ugg boots.

Trench coat – A classic tan colored trench coat is essential in a woman's wardrobe. In some places such as Southern California, winters are not as harsh as other places. A trench coat is sufficient for most days. This is a very sophisticated outerwear that will last many years. The trench coat is an example of something that will never go out of style.

Yarn hat – Do you want a cute accessory on your head to keep you very warm? A yarn hat is a perfect accessory for winter that will keep you warm and up your style factor. This item is highly recommended for women of all ages. Yarn hat comes in a infinite number of colors and designs, you will for sure find some that flatter your outfits.

Scarf – Do I need to say more? A colorful or patterned scarf will add lots of fun to a winter outfit. You should definitely invest in several scarves that match with different outfits. In addition to looking cute, the scarf can keep your neck very warm. During a cold harsh winter, a woman needs lots of clothes to keep her body warm.

Tall boots – In most areas where it tends to rain or snow in the winter, a pair of tall boots are essential. These will keep your pants from getting wet when it is raining or snowing outside. It will also keep your feet warm because it goes up to the knee which prevents the cold wind from blowing up your pants and cool your legs.

Cashmere sweater – For many, a nice cashmere sweater is a luxury item that they will treasure for years. Cashmere is very soft, light weight and warm all at the same time. It is an item that will make you look fabulous with many outfits. However, it is prone to moth so you have to use moth balls to keep it in the best condition.

Sweater wrap – A sweater wrap is a very trendy item for the winter season. This item is especially suitable for a taller woman (> 5 feet 7 inches). Those that are shorter should avoid the sweater wrap because it will overwhelm your figure.


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