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Wish Pearl Pendant Jewelry Designs

Updated on July 13, 2014

Wish Pearl Jewelry Pendant Designs

Wish Pearl pendants are designed to accommodate any type of loose pearl be it a freshwater, akoya, tahitian or any other variety. They can also hold other gems or semi precious stones. Most of the wish pearl lockets come as part of a jewelry gift set which includes an accompanying chain and a mystery oyster sealed in a can. The set is packaged in a beautiful gift box ready to be given to that special someone. The Wish Pearl online store offers an extensive line of pearl jewelry to suit every occasion.

Wholesale Wish Pearl Pendants
The Perfect Item to Resell!

If you prefer, you may purchase the pendant, chain and your choice of pearl already inserted into the cage. They are available in four different colors: White, pink, lavender and black. If you are purchasing these pendants for someone who lives far away, we can ship it to them on your behalf.

Wish Pearl Kits make great Stocking Stuffers!

And they're not too heavy for Santa!

The Original Wish Pearl Pendant
The Original Wish Pearl Pendant

The Original Wish Pearl Pendant

The Sterling Silver Heart Cage Wish Pearl

This heart cage wish pearl was the first of the wish pearl pendant designs. It still, however remains one of the most popular. To wear the pendant, follow the instructions below:

1) Open the can containing the oyster.

2) Make a wish and break open the mollusk

3) Carefully remove the pearl from the oyster with the plastic spatula that comes with the set

4) Open the pendant cage

5) Insert the pearl and close the cage.

6) Thread the chain through the pendant and it is ready to wear!

Price: 24.99

This pendant design is also available in rhodium

The Wish Pearl Drop Pendant
The Wish Pearl Drop Pendant

The Emerald Birthstone Pendant exclusive to The Wish Pearl Gift Shop!

A beautiful accent to bride's or bridesmaid dresses!

The Wish Pearl or emerald color birthstone pendant is brand new and a popular choice as a gift to bridesmaids or flower girls.

The advantage of this type of gift is that it serves two purposes. The gift to the bridesmaid as well as the accessory that they will wear to the wedding!

We have been in business for over 7 years and have built a solid reputation of offering the best quality jewelry at competitve prices.

Price: 24.99

The finest pearl jewelry and accessories at affordable prices

The Lucky Cat Pendant
The Lucky Cat Pendant

The Lucky Cat Pendant

Carry good fortune with you!

The wish pearl lucky cat pendant is modeled after the " Maneki Neko" which is a Japanese sculpture made of ceramic. Literally translated it means "Beckoning cat" but is also known as Welcoming Cat, Money Cat or Fortune Cat.

The sculpture depicts a cat (traditionally a Japanese Bobtail) beckoning with an upright paw, and is usually displayed-many times at the entrance-in shops, restaurants and other places of business. Source: Wikipedia.

This pendant style is especially popular among pre-teens or those who like to carry lucky charms.

Price: 14.99

The Spiral Cage Pendant
The Spiral Cage Pendant

The Sterling Silver Spiral Cage Pendant

A Romantic gift for that special person

The Spiral Cage Pendant is another design that goes well with bridesmaids dresses. It would also make a beautiful valentines gift for that first love!

Comes with a 17 inch (42 cm) sterling silver twisted rope chain that closes with a round clasp.

Price: 24.99

More Wish Pearl Pendant Designs - Great Holiday Gift Ideas for your favorite teacher!

Click thumbnail to view full-size
The Beautiful Wish Pearl Key Pendant
The Beautiful Wish Pearl Key Pendant

The Beautiful Sterling Silver Wish Pearl Key Pendant

One of the most popular Wish Pearl Pendants

Give that special someone the "key" to your heart through this beautiful wish pearl pendant.

She will cherish it forever. This pendant measures 1 inch in length and 1/2 inch at the widest part.

The Wish Pearl online store offers a large collection of affordable pearl jewelry, hair and fashion accessories to suit every occasion.

Price: 24.99

Helix Wish Pearl Drop Pendant
Helix Wish Pearl Drop Pendant

The Wish Pearl Helix Drop Pendant

A beautiful wish pearl design for the bride!

This pendant measures 1 1/2 inches (4 cms) long and can hold up to 4 pearls. Material is .925 sterling silver and comes with a sterling silver chain that closes with a round clasp.

We take pride in our excellent customer service and are available to take your call through our toll free number weekdays from 9am to 6pm EST, or 24 hours a day by email.

Matching Wish Pearl earrings are available in the helix and drop pendant styles. They can also be worn with any of the other wish pearl designs or even with a pearl necklace!

Price: 24.99

How to Wear a Wish Pearl Pendant - Discover your destiny with a wish pearl!

This video demonstrates how to open and wear a wish pearl pendant. Wish pearl oysters are fun to open especially with a group. Use them as birthday party or bridesmaids favors.

The Romantic Heart with Stones Wish Pearl Pendant
The Romantic Heart with Stones Wish Pearl Pendant

The Elegant Heart Pendant with Stones Design

A Unique Wish Pearl Pendant Design!

This heart pendant would make the perfect gift for the young junior bridesmaid or as a token for that special someone in your life. Can be purchased separately with only the chain or as a set with the sealed oyster.

If you are a boutique or gift shop looking for a unique item, these beautiful pendants are guaranteed to pique the curiosity of your customers.

Price: 24.99

The finest pearl jewelry and accessories at affordable prices

Wish Pearl Jewelry

Is very affordable and is also available at wholesale prices.

Wish Pearl Jewelry is Affordable! - There is such a large variety of affordable jewelry available

Jewelry is one of the most important fashion accessories. A beautiful outfit without any jewelry just seems incomplete.

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